What is Backlink? How to build quality backlinks?

What is backlink? This seems to be an easy question but not with a newbie.

Backlink is the optimization of Off-page SEO by placing your main website link at another website to achieve high rankings on search engines. In addition to the purpose for your main website to achieve high rankings, it is to attract the traffic of the other website. Have you ever visited a website and realized you clicked on a link to another website, you have definitely encountered a backlink. So what are the advantages of placing Backlink? Below we will tell you why you need backlinks.

What is Backlink?

It means that links from other websites are links to your website. Therefore, it will be redirected to your website when you place a backlink to the specified website, when the user clicks the link or text of the anchor.

Backlinks are likened to a ‘vote’ of trust from one website to another. Therefore, it is an indispensable part and plays an important role in increasing the ranking of your website before google in the process of doing SEO.

Why is backlink so important?

Backlinks are basically votes from other websites. The search engines say each of these votes: “This is valuable, confident and beneficial in content.” The more “votes” you have, the more Google and other search engines your website ranks. Nothing new is to use links in search engine algorithms. Backlinks were actually the foundation for

Although Google has made thousands of changes to its algorithm since then, backlinks are still an important ranking signal.

For example, an industry study we conducted showed that links are still the main Google ranking signal. And Google has confirmed that backlinks are still one of their three most important search engine ranking factors.

Advantages of backlinks in SEO

Improve keyword ranking in search engines

Backlinks help increase search engine rankings better. If any of your content gets organic links from other sites, it will have a better chance of ranking higher with search engines. Your goal is to create links to individual posts/pages along with those that lead to your homepage.

Faster Indexing

Backlinks help search engine bots discover links to your site and efficiently crawl your site. Especially for a new website, it is important to earn backlinks as they help in faster discovery and indexing of your site. You also can check your link status with Google Search Console, it is totally free.

Bring Referral Traffic

One of the key advantages of backlinks is to assist you gain transfer traffic. In general, referral traffic is focused and the bounce rate is minimal.

How to put effective backlinks?

There are many ways to put backlinks to the website. However, the following 7 ways will be the solutions that bring the highest value for backlinks:

Put backlinks on pages with high PR

PR is the number 1 priority factor of every SEOer. Backlinks placed in forums with PR ≥ 4 will receive priority reviews from Google. This is not to say that forums with low PR are taken lightly. However, if each backlink is considered as a vote for the website, the prestige vote (high PR) will be more valuable and the website with more votes is still better.

The advice when building backlinks by this method is to spread links from forums with different PR and focus a lot on high-ranking forums.

Put backlinks on pages with high DA and PA

The higher the DA, PA, the higher the reputation of the website. The placement of backlinks on these websites is especially valued by Google. Sites with DA, PA greater than 20 are considered to have a high reputation score.

Put backlinks on high-traffic sites

Websites with high traffic are inherently highly rated by Google. If your website’s backlink appears there, the probability that the viewer will click on the link and be directed to the website will be higher than usual.

Use a site with the same theme

Similar topics are more likely to link and interact. So focus on spreading links in categories or keywords with the same topic. This will also be more appreciated by Google than spamming links on unrelated topics.

Put backlinks in the article content

There are many places to place backlinks: signature, header, footer, etc. However, the most expensive position is the article content. However, each link we want to point to should appear only once in it.

Set Dofollow link

Dofollow links help direct users to your website. This is also a way to help increase the ranking and authority of the website. However, if the link you build is purely dofollow, Google will see this as an anomaly. Therefore, the number of dofollow and nofollow links should be balanced.

From the sites .gov .edu

Most .gov, .edu sites are owned by the government. Therefore, the reliability of these addresses is considered by Google to be extremely high. If possible, try to find .gov, .edu sites to build backlinks.

Classification of Backlink placement models

Knowing how to do it is not enough, to effectively place backlinks, you need skills, certain rules to follow and they are called models. Some typical models to put effective backlinks today are:

What is the Wheel Link Backlink Model?

Wheel Link or wheel link model is operated as follows. Each satellite website will be linked to the main website and linked to another website to form a wheel.


  • Satellite webs will point directly to the main site.
  • Web components are linked together into a closed circle.

What is the Pyramid Link backlink model?

This is a three-tiered pyramid link model, giving you the freedom to spam backlinks in the lower tiers.


  • First site is the main site.
  • Second site satellites pointing directly to the main site.
  • Third site will point to site 2.

What is the Star Link backlink model?

Star Link, also known as the satellite site, has a star-shaped link model, the satellite web only links to the main web.


  • The satellite webs will point directly to the main web.
  • The main web is linked from the satellite web.

You should pay attention when building backlinks 

Setting backlinks is easy but also difficult. If you are not careful, you will turn an inherently beneficial SEO factor into a reason for Google to remove your website from the search filter list. So, what are the notes when placing backlinks?

  • Focus on quality over quantity.
  • Don’t take sites with low PR scores lightly.
  • Balance between dofollow and nofollow links.
  • Put links on sites with the same topic, limit placing links from unrelated sites.
  • Do not create links with sites that have blocked bots.


Through this article, we think you have easily understood what a Backlink is and what a good Backlink is.

Understanding “What is a Backlink” is one thing, but implementing and how to build Backlink is another story and much more difficult. And it is even more difficult when SEO for an E-Commerce Website.

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