What Are the Best Backlinking Strategies for 2021?

What Are the Best Backlinking Strategies for 2021?

Backlinks are connections from a page on a site to another. Backlinks connect various websites making the internet a small village for valuable information on a particular topic.

Backlinks help to improve the organic rankings of a website on a search engine and increase your domain authority. It is important to receive backlinks from reputable sites that are authoritative in your niche. It is also critical to receive links ethically, and to avoid purchasing backlinks. Purchasing backlinks can negatively affect your ranking in Google search. In this article, we will touch on various topics, such as why backlinks are important, and how to implement them into your SEO strategy. .

Why are backlinks important?

Backlinks one of the main aspects Google analyzes when it crawls your website. If your site has quality backlinks, Google’s algorithm will notice and rank you higher. However, if you have bad backlinks, such as linking to spam sites, your ranking will decrease. For example, if you get backlinks from the New York Times or government organizations, you indirectly gain access to their traffic and audience. They help increase your SEO score and strategically place and allow other web users to view and link to your content.

Backlinks are very important. However, it is important to practice ethical SEO and backlinking strategies in order to gain the highest search engine ranking. One of the most important aspects of backlinkink is creating quality content for your website, so people would want to link you to other sources. This is critical, as only quality content will provide you with backlinks to authoritative sites in your niche. Check out this infographic to see how backlinks work:


How to Create Backlinks

There are a variety of ways to get backlinks to other sites. However, gaining links organically is always best. For most website owners, creating backlinks is one of the most important aspects of their SEO strategy. Meaningful and relevant backlinks are critical to the success of your site, and will further promote conversions.

Sponsor an Event

Sponsoring an event is a great backlinking strategy for local SEO. It provides you with the opportunity to tap into the local community’s traffic. Partnering in this kind of event is great for self-promotion both in person and online.

Attending these local events is a great way to network with local businesses and potential customers, and introduces them to your brand.

Partner with Journalists

Partnering with journalists can be a lucrative way of receiving backlinks, as they are usually open to various partners from a variety of different fields. Because many journalists are extremely popular, this can be a great opportunity to scale your business and brand.

You can provide the journalist with various types of information that is relevant to your topic. However, you may have to create an extensive portfolio of your work in order to attract journalists that are high-profile.

Start a Blog

A blog is an excellent backlink strategy for SEO as it drives traffic to your website. The art of blogging is on the rise, especially this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most people visit blogs to learn more on various topics because gatherings are discouraged, and schools and most places are closed. Therefore, the place to interact with others is online.

Develop quality content that will solve people’s problems, and it is nearly guaranteed that you will see an increase in traffic. When starting a blog, it is important to thoroughly cover your topic with quality content that will engage the reader, and increase the likelihood of conversions. When properly executed, this is a backlink strategy for SEO that will see you rise within a short period and pass the backlink checker test.

Reach Out to Other Bloggers and Influencers

It is also advantageous to work with renowned bloggers when creating your content. You can publish guest posts on their blogs or work with them on a project for free. Partnering with a fellow blogger will allow you free publicity and promotion for your brand, therefore increasing your website traffic and potential conversions.

These types of organic backlinking strategies are paramount to high domain authority and increased rankings on search engines. Below is an example of how to reach out to influencers if you are a beginner.


Repair Broken Links

Repairing broken links is critical to your SEO strategy, and drastically increases your reach and  search rankings. Usually, this is done by using a link checker, and allows you to scan a webpage and determine which links are broken. Afterwards, you can message the website administrator, and ask that your link replace the broken one. 

This is a lucrative strategy because you are providing value and gaining a backlink in the process. It’s also much easier than begging a website owner for a link. 

Here are some examples on how to find websites with link pages. For example, if you write about fashion, repair broken links on the topic by keying in fashion + links. You can employ the use of Google chrome check my links plugin that helps locate all 404 errors. Search queries on fashion website can be as follows;

  • Fashion keyword+ resource
  • Fashion keyword + link
  • Keywordinurl: link

Broken links hinder the SEO performance of a website as it gives the user a negative experience every time they encounter missing pages. A website owner will find your help useful, and perhaps even form a bond with a fellow blogger. When reaching out to a website owner about broken links, some of the things you should do include;

  • Introducing yourself – this is an excellent place to start as it gives the website owner a chance to get to know you.
  • Highlight the broken links on their website- be very specific as to where the broken link is to save on time and show precisely where the errors are.
  • Make your proposal – Web owners get numerous requests from people who want backlinks from their site; however, stand out by offering a solution to a problem they didn’t even know they had. 
  • Be respectful – Use appropriate language when addressing the web owner even if they do not agree to provide a backlink to your website. They may not link to you, but may opt to use your site in the future.

Tools like Ahrefs( https://ahrefs.com/) are ideal for finding broken links. They function by generating a broken link report which helps you to filter out the URLs that best fit your needs and are relevant in their weighting. This strategy is important as one quality backlink has the ability to supersede 100 spam links. When using this strategy, try to be helpful, as people appreciate a helping hand rather than one that keeps taking. Please see below for an example of a broken link checker in action:

(Neil Patel)

Participate as a Guest Writer

Guest writing is a great way to present yourself in front of a new audience. It gives you the opportunity to put yourself out there, and acquire more traffic if you focus on fields related to what you are writing.

By writing for websites with good traffic flow and improving your online presence, this tactic allows you to build your portfolio as a credible and reliable writer, further shaping you as an authority in the field. You develop leverage that you can use in your favor when dealing with prominent websites or authority bloggers that will bring in good backlinks. Guest blogging is recognized and encouraged by Google and will help you pass the backlinks checker test.

Guest writing improves the quality of your backlinks similarly to how an increase in online followers improves traffic flow that enhances your SEO. However, if you write for websites that are not related to your niche or have low traffic, it may negatively affect your SEO score.

Thus, having your website linked with poorly performing sites hinders you from collaborating with other high-performance websites. When publishing as a guest writer, form the habit of linking your social media handles to ensure all individuals who enjoy your writing can follow you for more content.

Did you know? Participating as a guest writer can increase your email list and scale your website traffic faster than most other methods.

Take Advantage of Guest Posts

Inviting guest authors is another lucrative tactic to take advantage of. Guest authors open your website to diverse and different types of content that are likely to increase your traffic.  Consider compiling a list of guest writers to choose from to further your reach, and further improve your chances of earning a backlink.

Inviting guests to post on your site allows them to market themselves and provide value for both your audiences. Therefore, this benefits both individuals, by collaborating with fellow bloggers and building backlinks organically. 

Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

It is important to keep an eye on your competitors, and to be knowledgeable about how they are earning their backlinks. By analyzing your competitors, you can see which backlinking strategy works best for them, and apply it to your own website. You can set an alert by using certain keywords, for example, if you have a fashion site, you could use “site:fashion:com, and get alerts as to what backlinking strategies they are using. 

Furthermore, you can use your competitor’s website for determining which guest bloggers drive the most traffic and invite people who will positively impact your site, and ensure you receive substantial traffic to the guest post.

Promote Your Content

The amount of content on the internet is extensive, and may quickly go unnoticed if not well promoted. You can have good content but may not get steady traffic if you don’t promote your content. Look for bloggers who do weekly roundups and email them with your URL as a chance to get some free publicity and a backlink. If they read the article and are impressed, then you will earn a backlink from them.

It is important to remember that bloggers are continually looking for new content, thus, offering them an opportunity to receive great content from a fellow blogger free of charge is very appealing. You want to make the other person feel like they are gaining something from the partnership and not just being used for a backlink. Ensure those you approach do weekly and monthly roundups and check their sites to choose the ones with the highest traffic.

Write Testimonials

Develop a habit of writing testimonials for websites where you make purchases. You can earn a backlink from writing positive testimonials as a customer. Most sites will quickly give you a backlink in exchange for a testimonial, which will only take a few minutes to write. This process is an easy way to gain a backlink without much effort.

Your website can also gain testimonials, mainly if people are satisfied with your content or products; people will continually flow in your website to see other recommendations on similar products before purchasing.


Donations are another easy way to earn a backlink. You can donate to websites that accept donations in the field relevant to your website in exchange for backlinks. Donate a given amount and send your URL. You can use Google to locate such sites by using queries such as;

  • Contributors page +keyword
  • Donations +contributors +keyword
  • Contributors page+ donate+ keyword

This is a fast method to get quality backlinks while making a difference in society. You also get to see other websites that are donating and email them to get a backlink by negotiating an arrangement that works for both parties.

Attend Interviews

Online interviews are a great way to get strong backlinks and introduce yourself as an authority in your niche. You can reach out to various bloggers and conduct online interviews to participate in topics that correlate with your website. 

Attendance of various interviews over time will make you an authority in your field.  It may be a difficult task to get interviews when just starting out, but it is important to take that first step and begin the process. Do not be afraid of starting small, the continual effort is what makes the difference and shapes your success in the future.

Use Infographics to Your Advantage

This is a method that most people shy away from asit can be a bit expensive, however, it is lucrative in providing valuable content to your website. It is important to strategically develop infographics useful to your niche, and work with designers in your price range.

You can check websites that have used similar infographics and reach out for a backlink in exchange for quality content. When properly used, infographics can be an avenue for quality backlinks.

Did you know? That posts including engaging infographics have 600 times more engagement than those without.


Learning about backinking is critical for your SEO strategy. Learning how to attain backlinks, and what tactics to use is critical for attaining strong quality backlinks. However, it is important to ensure that you are only using attaining reputable backlinks, as bad backlinks can negatively affect your traffic..

Remember that the process of forming an extensive network of backlinks takes time.. Try to work smart instead of hard and ensure you strategically place yourself and websites in areas you are likely to gain reputable links..

At diib, we can help you attain quality backlinks from reputable websites, ensuring you will see an increase in both traffic and domain authority. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Guest posts/backlinking services
  • Backlink Cleanup and Optimization
  • Authority boost

Upon ordering one of these packages, one of our highly trained growth experts will reach out to you to get the ball rolling. 


In most cases, guest posting is free. It adds value to the blogger’s site that you are guest posting on, and has the ability to drive traffic to their site for free.

By backlinking to fellow competitors in your niche, Google will see your site as an authority in your niche, and potentially increase your rankings and domain authority.

Your backlink should always be placed within the content. The user is likely to click on your link if they are engaged with the content, and interested in the information, product, or service.

It is recommended that you acquire a variety of backlinks from similar websites or content in your niche. This allows Google to view your site as authoritative, and will increase your rankings.

Yes, there are some ways around this method. However, most quality links that contain value with not include the nofollow tag.

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