UpCity by Serponge 100% (3 Coins)

Demon: UpCity
Creator: Serponge
Attempts: 157
Hardest Part: The beginning at 1:00 is very easy but is incredibly annoying. I made the mistake of playing this in a dark room and the constant flashing light at the beginning hurt my eyes. The dual at 1:12 is pretty tricky and was the first major choke point for me. The ball at 1:23 is pretty annoying but it gets consistent. The wave at 1:31 is easily the hardest part of the level skill-wise but luckily I didn’t die there much in normal. The UFO at 1:57 looks annoying but I don’t think I died there a single time in normal. The robot at 2:31 is tricky and requires practice. So is the fast part from 2:42 to 3:00. Everything from 3:26 to the end requires some practice but is generally easy. Overall, this is a fun XL demon that looks amazing for its time. Unfortunately the flashing lights at the start of the level irritated my eyes but the rest of the level is amazing.

In this demon series I am attempting to upload 3 demons per day until I reach 1000 total demons. I started this series on March 1, 2021.

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