The Full Amazon Affiliate Marketing + SEO 100$ Worth Course

Watch The Full Amazon Affiliate Marketing + SEO 100$ Worth Course : What you’ll learn
Amazon affiliate marketing
Build amazon affiliate sites that earn commissions every month from free search engine traffic. .
How to choose a niche for your amazon affiliate site
Very detailed tutorials on how to do keyword research – and find keywords low competition that will rank in Google’s top 10 with minimal external backlinks
Silo architecture – see how silos are designed and built. Silos can help you rank any type of site a lot better in Google
How to plan, design and build niche sites
Exactly how to choose domain names that are not penalized. Unless you know how to do this right, it’s possible that your site will not perform well in Google
Building a WordPress website – you get to see exactly how to use WordPress to build affiliate marketing sites
Designing your WordPress site – how to make your website look really pretty, decrease bounce rate and perform well
Implementing silos in WordPress
SEO 101 – basics of search engine optimization
A look at the important SEO factors and how they can help your affiliate site rank higher in Google
Advanced on page SEO – This is how you can make your affiliate marketing website rank higher in the Google SERPs
Site speed: Making your site load fast. See exactly how to optimize your WordPress site for speed
Link building tips – see how you can build links to your site
The real “secret” to ranking high in Google – this is what really matters
Building sites in amazon niches that pay higher commissions
Detailed, step by step worked examples – see how the entire process is performed
See top keyword research tools in action
Advanced keyword research

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