Shopify SEO Services; How to Optimize Your Shopify? Complete Guide

In this video, We will talk about optimize Shopify. What is Shopify SEO and How you do it to Shopify SEO? So, here we go!

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Shopify, one of the most famous e-commerce solutions in the world, whose platform is full of features, comes with attractive ready-made templates and offers its users an easy way to sell products online, both material and digital.

However, it is one thing to use Shopify to create a nice and well-structured site; another is to optimize it for search engines. Let’s find out the SEO features of the platform and some tips to increase visibility on Google.

00:00 Shopify SEO
00:49 Invest in a marketing analysis
01:16 Register in webmaster tools
01:52 Optimize your title tags
02:17 Optimize your meta descriptions
02:36 Use header tags
03:08 Optimize Images
03:27 Optimize URLs
03:43 Produce quality content & acquiring backlinks
04:41 Install an SSL Certificate

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