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SEO Interview Questions & Answers digital marketing guide:
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In this interview video training tutorial, Richard McMunn will cover:

1. 7 SEO interview questions and answers for all SEO job roles;
2. Great example answers to common and tough SEO job interview questions;
3. The QUALITIES you must demonstrate during your interview;
4. Further resources to help you pass your SEO interview!

This interview training video is suitable for all SEO job roles, including:
– SEO Manager;
– Search Engine Optimization Executive;
– SEO Strategist;
– Digital Marketer;
– Content Marketer.

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Marketing Manager Interview:
Social Media Manager Interview:

What questions are asked in an SEO Job interview?

Q. Tell me about yourself?
TIP: This will be the first question of your SEO interview. When answering it, cover the following 3 areas in your response:

1. Your work ethics (professionalism, high standards, a fast-pace of working, etc.)
2. The technical knowledge you have, including any experience.
3. The main reason why they should hire you.

Q. Why do you want to work for us in this SEO job role?
TIP: It is very important you show you’ve carried out some research into their company, especially in relation to how your own specific skills and qualities are a strong match for their industry or niche.

Q. What are the different components of an effective SEO strategy?
TIP: This is a rather clever SEO interview question because it is assessing your level of knowledge from a strategic perspective.
Most candidates will give a lengthy, complex answer that is designed to impress the hiring manager with their technical expertise.
However, the best answer is the one that is simple, logical and consists only of 3 elements.

Q. How would you measure the success of an SEO campaign?
TIP: Within your answer to this interview question, it is important to talk about ‘metrics’.

Q. Tell me something most SEO professionals think is true, but you think it’s BS?
TIP: This is a very difficult SEO interview question to answer.
There are lots of misconceptions around search engine optimization, and this question assesses your depth of knowledge regarding SEO, and in particular what works, and what doesn’t.

Q. A client wants you to do a particular SEO strategy on their website. You think it’s a really bad idea and you recommend something else instead. You are meeting the client tomorrow. What will you say to them at the meeting?
TIP: Most people will go on about how the client should “listen to them” because they are the SEO expert, and they’ll make sure the right strategy is used.

Q. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
TIP: When responding to this common SEO interview question, my advice is to read the job description for the role before aligning the key requirements with your own strengths.

Aim to give at least 5 strengths you can bring to the role, before giving just one weakness that is not a match for the SEO position you are being interviewed for.

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