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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method to increases the ranking of a website (or) web page in the search results by incorporating search engine friendly elements like relevant keywords into it.

Introduced in the year1997, SEO includes optimizing

* Image search

* Local search

* Video search

* Academic search

* News search, and

* Industry specific vertical searches.


• Researching and analysing the words commonly employed by visitors to look for what they need .

• Using crawlers and identifying keywords.

• Application of keywords on your website and also, changing the website code as per the data found by crawlers.

• Creating high quality content which is copyrighted.

• Increasing website’s navigation speed and site performance.

• Doing proper marketing and building links.

• Tracking down the results and rankings.


White Hat SEO utilizes those techniques and methods to enhance the program rankings of an internet site (or) web page, that adhere to the principles of search engines. The techniques include:

• top quality Content Development

• Website HTML Optimization and Restructuring.

• An In-depth Research Using White Hat SEO leads to gradual, steady but lasting growth in rankings.


It uses techniques which go against the principles of search engines. They exploit weaknesses within the program algorithms to get high rankings in search results. Black SEO technique includes:

• Keyword stuffing

• Link spam

• Hidden texts and links that leads to quick, unpredictable growth in rankings but it doesn’t last for long.


This is often the newest SEO technique followed by many companies. Gray Hat SEO may be a mixture of both White and Black Hat SEO. This techniques don’t quite cross the road into Black Hat SEO, but are well outside of what would be considered White Hat program optimization. This type of Optimization is legendary for its “Affordable Pricing


On Page SEO means changing settings of the website so that it is optimized for search engines. It includes:

• Using optimized titles

• Having proper URL structures

• Image optimization

• Top quality Content

• User friendly navigation, etc.

Off Page SEO means concentrating on activities outside the boundaries of web page. It includes:

• Link building

• Social media, etc.

Off Page SEO helps you understand, how people perceive your website.


• SEO increases a website’s visibility online.

• It increases the probabilities of potential customers visiting the web site .

• As many of us prefer checking reviews before purchasing any product, it helps in increasing your market share.

• SEO increases your company’s credibility as it increases your visibility.

• Increases your Return on Investment (ROI).

• Gives you data associated with the customer like; customer preferences, the language they use, the region they live, their online timings etc.

• Increases website traffic.

• In end of the day , it helps in positioning of the brand.


SEO may be a smart way of accelerating your visibility online by saving time and price of selling . But before going for SEO, one must understand how it works and the affects it can have on the business. Besides this there are certain things like service/product quality, customer relationship, pre-sale services etc., which are the bases of any business. One must confine mind that companies can run successfully without SEO, but they cant run without this stuff.

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