Search Engine Optimization

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” or un-paid (“organic”) search results.

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Good morning,welcome to the mindfire internal seminar and the topic is search engine optimization

I am Ankit kumar workijg with mindfire solutions since two years and I am highly skilled with asp,.net,c# ,sql server,jquery,MVC,EF,WCF,knok out ,jsuyou can connect me from twitter,linkedin,google and contact me on my email or skype.


So coming to the agenda of seminar,we will be discussing about engine optimizations,so we will see the introduction of search engine optimizations,then we will discuss about some key factors,which effect your search and we must see some basic most be followed while developing some pages,then we will see toolswe will see web master tools from google and then IIS tools and we will also see some online toolsand we will disscus how we can improve the site structureand then optimizing content will be the next topic for the discussions ansd 2nd last section of the seminar we will be discussing with how to deal with crawlers and in last part of the seminar we will see how search engine optimizations can be attain web form applications and MVC applications and we are having mobile sets also and now we will see how those coming fine or not.


So first thing is the introduction for search engine optimizations:search engine optimization is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine natural or unpaid  search result,  natural or unpaid results means when we make a search on google or in yahoo so what happens there might  be some paid results that should be dispute so we cannot control this,so we can pay for our website and normally we will se how we can optimize our content for the unpaid resultsand what happened higher the rank it will come in the top of the results.


This is a pizza search results, actually pizza coupon results,you can see there is a red colour rectangular mark its a paid search we can not do anything related to how those results come,i wont put related to bhubaneswar and I wont put anything relater to patia and pizza hutsor the locations,so google can understand your locations,and display the relevent results according to the locations,so location plays an important part for your search.suppose you are searching for piza outlet in your city but you get results from kolkota and vizag that does not make any sense for you, that can be possible if pizza centre is not available then that can be nearest pizza outlets another thing is that some of the search engine are smart enough to use a search historyso those cases what happends based upon your search results and the preveious search it will like to figure out the relevant doccuments  or it may try to  identify the pages or sites in which you will be intrested and those displace to you  and these are the two things which affect your search results.


Now come to the basics of search engine optimizing ,so how you can make your site it should be in the  a simple thing you can considered when you are developing a websites for a particular reasons,to meet a partcular business requirements not just for playing,to meet the particular required business,so everything should be focus on that requirement only and hoew that can be discradable in the pages and in images,doccuments or links,so these are basic of SEO,which must be followed by every developer whenever they are creating websites.


1st thing is that create unique,accurate page title you know we are having some HTML smart of language and that is what rendered in our web browser. Our web browsers does not understand what is web browsers ,side code or PHP code ,final output we are getting is that HTML that browser can renderd and our compillers are smart enough to convert server tax into the markers very well and that is what every browsers understand,so you should be unique you should be accurately describe the page contents and tag page summary to the title,use brief,but descriptive titles then we have meta tag, meta tag not only use as engine and users and identify site content, how it help engineby the crawlers and blogs, then we should describe page summary and unique page summaryand then keywords tag and this keywords tags are uses in the pages. And there are two things h1 and h2 tags and favicon,favicon is a small icon that is display in the top of the browsers and H1 and h2,its should be used only once ideally in a page  if you are using twice h1 , and h2 tag then that will leave to the valluation,search engine optimizing coming to the tools and how can use that.there is a some restrictions when we used some googles web masters,hosting of your sites.


There are some online tools also available. We can see that I have lots of pages and tabs open in our browser and there is a little icon here. In webmaster tool you can go to homepage. This is homepage for webmaster tool and this is the demo wordpress I created. You can add a site, it will ask for a URL, then verify you are the owner.


If I try to add this, now I need to make sure, there are options available that I am the owner. One simple step is to add verification tag. I have added google tag you will get it here. I added in admin section. Then I was able to analyze the users of this website. There are alternative options too.


There are various options like search appearance. Then we have search traffic. This is a demo wordpress site. We have some online tools like SEO tool. We have sitemap in sitemap indexes. Now a company site often has sitemap in HTML format. This is for users. So here it tells about services and related contents. These point to different pages in website. If I will create new sitemap, it will ask for site. Once sitemap is created you can put it in the root location.


Now out next topic is improving site structure. We have inbound and outbound URL. Outbound URL referring to other sites. In we have user friendly dll through which you can achieve easily. URL depends on your folder structure you have used. Also have unique URL for documents.


Then navigation, it should be simple. 404 error pages are very important. You should avoid generic messages. Based upon the errors you can show specific messages to the users. Next is optimizing content. Content is the king for any website to perform better. Never copy paste content as it will affect your page rank. Also have better links for internal pages.


Then we have optimizing content. Here we have some normal things. If your page is large and taking time to load definitely user will tend to use some other faster site. Use compression for your pages. First is optimizing images, with description and proper and alternative text. Use light weight image formats. Optimize your scripts separated from web pages and combine and compress scripts. Optimize the CSS, avoid inline CSS, and less no. of CSS files. And use HTML validator for pages.


Then dealing with crawlers. We have robots.txt which must be present in the root of the site. It tells search engine whether to crawl or not on the pages. Then we have rel = ‘no follow’ tag. If you put link in some tag, it will tell search engine crawler to not crawl on your links.


Now, if you have some issues already it will take time to come in line. Next we have SEO using mobile. Its important nowadays we use mobile and tabs mostly. Our site should be responsive for that reason. Mobile sites also needs to be ranked in the search engine ranking. When user moves to mobile version they should be redirected to same URL not homepage.


We discussed about SEO and what are the basics to be followed. We saw some online tools and IIS tools used to figure out points to be considered while search engine needs to be taken care of. Then we saw how to optimize content and URL. Also how to deal with crawlers and bots present in that website. I am done with the seminar, if you have questions then you can ask. Thank you for your time. You can connect with us through facebook or twitter. Thank you everyone for joining.

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