search engine optimization

search engine optimization

what you get

Our team is ready to help create a customized solution to ensure you get found online. Search engine optimization is one way that we can assist small businesses. It’s our goal to help small businesses remain competitive, and one of the first steps is developing an SEO strategy that puts you among your competition.

on-page seo

Our professionally written content writers will create keyword rich, SEO-friendly website content to fuel your website. Great on-page optimization is content that answers your customers’ questions, clearly states what your business is and the products or services that you offer.

off-page seo

Off-page SEO incorporates those tactics and strategies that increase the strength of your website through links, referral sources, and more. Many people consider off-page SEO a form of “vouching” for your business by linking to it from third-party sources.

directory listings

The primary search engines, like Google and Safari, are certainly important–but there are hundreds of smaller directory services that serve as references for businesses and help build credibility and search power.

monthly or bi-monthly blogging

New, fresh content ensures your website remains compelling, updated, and timely. Search engines are designed to offer the most relevant information possible, so the more recently your website has been updated, the higher your search strength will be. Blogs offer the opportunity to demonstrate expertise as well as incorporate additional keywords.

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