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 (Pr) [pra″ze-o-dim´e-um]

a chemical element, atomic number 59, atomic weight 140.907. (See Appendix 6.)

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Abbreviation for:
P receptor
pagetoid reticulosis
palindromic rheumatoid arthritis
pars recta
partial remission
partial resection
partial response
penicillin resistant
per rectum  
performance ratings  
perfusion rate
peripheral resistance
pharmaceutical representative
phenol red
phosphorylation rate
photoreactive repair
physical rehabilitation
pityriasis rosea
placental retention
polymorphic reticulosis
polymyalgia rheumatica
poor responder
pregnancy rate
prevalence rate
primary response
primitive reflexes
production rate
progesterone receptor 
proliferation rate
proline rich
prolonged release
prospective reimbursement
protein restriction
protein retention
public relations 
pulmonary regurgitation
pulmonary resistance

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1. Partial remission/response.

3. Per rectum.

4. Peripheral resistance.

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Abbreviation for per rectum.


Abbreviation for propyl; praseodymium; presbyopia.

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