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Keywords and Their Importance in On-Page SEO Optimization

Keywords are some of the key phrases that people are searching most when looking for something in a search engine. These are the words that trigger the search engine to grab certain search results over others. There are a lot of different factors that a massive array of algorithms, such as one used for a search engine, take into account when generating its results but keywords are a strong variable they consider.

When outlining their algorithm, Google has stated that “The most basic signal that information is relevant when a webpage contains the same keywords as your search query.” While this isn’t the only factor that plays into their algorithm’s determination, it is the first barrier of entry to pass. If you do not have the proper keywords, signifying that Google should consider your webpage, than you will immediately loose out on that opportunity. All search engines have their own unique algorithms that they use but keywords are a big component of all of them, considering it is a much easier variable to track that some of the other elements that determine an accurate search result.

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