On-Page SEO – Complete Guidelines

Suppose, You have a blog, and your niche is the Car, In this case, you wrote an article about a Parts of the Car, but people do not search in search engines to know about this Parts, Or, the search volume of this Parts is low, then will you get traffic to that article? Answer: No.

So it is always important to do keyword research before writing a post or article, And by doing keyword research, you will be able to know the search volume of your targeted keywords as well as the competition and CPC of the keywords.

Once your target keyword is ranked, then your post will be at the top of the search results for a long time. Your post will be at the top of the search results as long as someone else will create backlinks to beat your post. But if your post only ranks for keywords and if you create a few backlinks for your post, it will be very difficult for others to beat your post.

There are many bloggers who will simply tell you that if you want to rank your posts, you need to create high-quality backlinks, but in this case, my suggestion is a bit different. I would say that if you can write your post by doing good keyword research, you will be able to rank your post without backlinks.

I also know that backlinks are very important for SEO, but for the newcomers creating backlinks is not an easy task. So I always tell newcomers that you don’t need to focus on creating backlinks in the beginning. You first start posting content by researching keywords, When you have at least 12 to 20 posts, then you can start creating backlinks.

But if your case is different, I mean if you have already some posts and right now if you want to create backlinks then you can read this article How To Build High-Quality Backlinks I hope this article will be very helpful for you, Follow This Best 25 Strategies.

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