On-Page SEO

Every company expects users to be happy when visiting their website. The best way to make this happen is to learn on-page SEO.

Because, according to Neil Patel, the better the user experience when visiting a website, the higher the site’s ranking will be in Google’s ranking.

Although there have been many updates to the Google algorithm, things to understand about on-page SEO have not changed much.

So, what needs to be learned about on-page SEO? Then, is there a special portal where beginners can carefully study it?

Take it easy, BBonlinemoney has summarized everything for you, really. Check out the details below!

On-Page SEO Guide

First of all, we start first by learning tips on maximizing on-page SEO. Here’s the explanation you need to know:

Keywords that are relevant and much sought after

The first thing you should learn about on-page SEO is to always choose keywords that are relevant and that users are often looking for.

Think of Google as a professional sports team and your website is an athlete looking for a team.

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In order to be recruited, of course, the website needs to have good capabilities so that later Google fans can enjoy its performance.

Well, the main ability that every website needs to have is keywords with a lot of search volume, according to Ahrefs said.

Therefore, every time you want to create content, make sure that the keywords you use are highly sought after by users.

How to determine it is easy, really. You can use tools like Ahrefs or Google Trends.

Make sure the web pages load fast

Furthermore, when learning on-page SEO, the thing to pay attention to is the page on your website.

Why is that? The reason is, web pages that have a long loading time will cause a bad user experience.

In fact, according to Search Engine Land research, since 2010, the speed of loading times is the main factor that can affect site rankings on Google.

Well, the best way to improve site loading performance, you can take advantage of Google PageSpeed ​​Insight.

The application will analyze the pages of your site and provide some suggestions regarding optimization.

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Writing a descriptive URL

URL is an aspect that plays a crucial role in the quality of the on-page SEO of a website.

Because, launching Neil Patel’s page, descriptive URLs can strengthen web pages as search results that match the user’s search query.

The trick to creating descriptive URLs is not difficult, really. Just enter the content keyword and create a concise word order.

Markup scheme to increase CTR

When learning on-page SEO, the next thing you need to pay attention to is the markup scheme.

This scheme can help search engines to understand more about the web page.

As a result, the page rank in search results will be higher than for sites that do not use a markup scheme.

If you’ve ever seen Google search results with star ratings, reasons, or images, then you’ve seen firsthand the effects of the markup scheme.

According to Ahrefs utterance, users tend to be more attracted to visuals.

Therefore, all aspects that can help a web page stand out more visually actually have a positive influence on the CTR number.

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Marketers can take advantage of many things with a markup scheme. They can place company locations, pictures of products, etc.

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