Off-Page SEO: Ultimate Guide & Ranking Factors (2020)

What is Off-Page SEO? 

Why is Off-Page SEO Important? 

What are the best Off-Page SEO practices that can be performed to bring a site into ranking? 

These questions may be arising in your mind and might be having many confusions. 

But you have to don’t worry about it because, in this Ultimate guide, all your queries regarding Off-Page SEO will be solved. 

What Is Off-Page SEO?

Tasks performed outside the website to increase the site’s visibility to search engines. These tasks are building backlinks, sharing links on social media platforms, collaborating with other sites through guest posting, and ask for a link.

In simple words, Off-Page SEO is done to increase the reputation of the website in the eyes of search engines. And it has a significant role in the ranking of a website.

Why Is Off-Page SEO Important?

Backlinks from authority sites are signals for search engines to get about the idea of your blog. And according to 2020, search engine ranking factors are much more dependent on backlinks. 

According to Google, off-page SEO is a great way to win the trust of search engines. The website gains much more reputation when high-quality sites like Wikipedia mention the website links.

The backlink is the single factor to decide the ranking of a website. There are many more off-page SEO techniques that can be used to bring your newly created blog in the ranking.

Here, we will be discussing everything about it.

On-Page SEO vs Off-Page SEO

I guess you might be very familiar with these basic terms. 

But if not, then let me explain it. 

On-Page SEO is whatever you do with your blog post such as content, title, tag, keyword, Slug(Permalink), image(alt-text), internal, and external links. All these terms are part of the On-Page SEO. 

Remember “Content Is The King,” so give your 101% of yours while writing content.

Off-Page SEO is entirely different from On-Page; it works on the links receiving from other sites. 

A few years ago, bloggers used to rank their articles very quickly by publishing a long article. 

But now, in 2020, Off-Page is more critical, and most blog articles don’t rank even they have award-winning ideas. They lack what Quality backlinks are. 

For ranking any articles, I follow a procedure of 40/60. It means to give 40% to your content and 60% for building links.

Broken Link Building Technique

It is a painful and effective way to rank a blog. But finding the broken link and getting back a link from the opponent is very painful. 

But the main no competitor from the same niche will help you to outrank themselves.

For finding the broken link, you can use the premium tool such as Ahrefs (one of the most popular SEO tools for finding the broken links).

Publish Longer Articles

You may be thinking Longer articles will decrease the audience retention.

But it is not so.

If you provide the value to your content with complete information, then there is much more chance of ranking and getting quality backlinks. 

According to BuzzSumo, after analyzing 900+ million articles, it is found that longer content with longer articles gets 77% more links than the smaller ones.

Guest Post

Guest posting has a significant role for the Off-Page SEO, and it helps in many different ways such as:

  1. Getting Known by entirely New Audience 
  2. By blog get a Quality Backlink 

But guest posts can be only helpful when you get a backlink from the same niche website. 

For guest posts, you have to contact the website owners of your site niche. 

For guest posting you may check these 50+ Free Article Submission Sites

YouTube Marketing 

At present YouTube is one of the most growing platforms. 

YouTube is the best way to gain quality brand signals. 

Here you will be having two benefits of using YouTube. 

First of all, A lot of people will watch your video and get to know about your brand. 

And it is a proven experiment that video is much more effective than the text articles.

Secondly, there is a chance that people will search your brand name on search engines (Google, Yahoo!). 

And in this, there is more chance to get your website rank faster. 

Brand Tracking Alert 

It is one of the best techniques to know about how many people are talking about your blog on forums, news sites, blogs, or any other platforms.

There are various tools available for brand tracking such as, BuzzSumo’s Alert, feature, and there are many tools that you can find to get your brand searches information.

Social Share Role For Ranking

If you are in doubt that social signals will be useful for raking, then I suppose you might be wrong.

According to Google, social signals don’t help in rankings.

It is Because any person can go on freelancing sites and can buy thousands of likes and followers.

But it helps indirectly in building brands.

It is because social share is more catchy for making a brand popular, which makes the brand more searchable on the search engines.

Gain Positive Reviews

Suppose people hate your business then why to google should love your blog and display it to other people.

If you are a local business, you might be familiar with the reviews that it plays a significant role in local SEO.

But if you don’t have any business where people can write a review about your business, then google relies on the awards you have achieved.

Get Interviewed

Getting interviewed by others on different platforms is the next level Off-Page SEO techniques. 

It is right that interviews will help to get a backlink, but it is also helpful in creating a reputed face of your blog in Google’s eyes that this blog owner is getting coverage by authority sites.

It will be more helpful in getting your brand searches.

Collaboration With Popular Brands

This question may be arising in your why a famous brand will collaborate with small brands like me and you.

But I suppose you might be wrong.

If you are providing genuine value content to famous brands, they would be happy to collaborate with you.

But remember only quality content.

Using Infographics That Other Blogs Need

To get mentioned by other blog owners, you can use beautiful copyright-free infographics to get backlinks from other blogs without asking them because they also need that kind of infographics.

For creating awesome infographics quickly, you can use a very famous tool called Canva. They have thousands of pre-made template which will help you to build soon I use this tool for editing Tabby Cat Pictures for my blog.

There is a chance that if your article is not ranking in Google, then your image may rank, and it will be very much helpful in getting quality traffic.

Wrap Up

I hope you found my Off-Page SEO guide article helpful.

Can you please tell your viewpoints about this article by leaving a comment below. 

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