Local SEO Tips

Local SEO Tips | Local SEO Marketing For Supercharging Your Local Business In 2020.

Today we are going to talk about local SEO tips and take you through the process of local SEO marketing in order to supercharge your local business in 2020.

This video will also help you understand local SEO and show you some online tools that can help you with your local SEO marketing activities.

The three tips we cover in this video include:

1. Customer experience – know your customers. 01:01
2. Foundational citation building. 06:02
3. Creating content and social signals. 08:32

The three tools that we cover in this video include:

1 – Ubersuggest (Keyword research tool): https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/
2 – Keywords Everywhere (Chrome extension, keyword research tool): https://keywordseverywhere.com/
3 – White spark (Find local citations in your country): https://whitespark.ca/top-local-citation-sources-by-country/

Thank you for watching!

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