Linking PR Card Application online

After landing in Canada with PR, your application for PR card will be initiated. It will be done by Immigration Officer at Airport itself. You need to provide your address in Canada and if you think photos attached with your COPR is not as per the specifications by CIC, give the new photos here itself. If you would like to change the address later on, then follow this procedure Changing the address for PR Card app


To track the status of your PR Card application, you can link it online to your MyCIC account. To do that, first login to your account and click on “Link an existing application to this account”.

This will open a page with options to select PR Card as application type and provide the required details to search and link the application as shown below.

Select Permanent Resident Card.

Provide the required details.

The value of City/town of birth should be exactly same as in your PR application. In COPR, you will see truncated value of this, please enter the full value.

For example, If your City of birth is “Amritsar, Punjab” in COPR it could be printed like


Then in this search for application, you should type full AMRITSAR, PUNJAB instead of wrong values like “Amritsar” or “AMRITSAR, PUN”.

After providing all the information, click on Search for my application and if search is successful, you will get the option to link the application.


After linking, the application is shown in the table of  “View my submitted applications or profiles”.

You can check the details of the application here and track the progress.


The flow which is trending these days for most of the applications are as below

Stage 1:

Review of additional documents We do not need additional documents.

Stage 2:

Review of additional documents The additional documents you provided have been uploaded


Review of additional documents The additional documents you provided are being reviewed


Stage 3: 

Final decision Your application was approved. Check your messages below for details.


One important thing regarding PR card application is providing photos as per specifications. Make sure you are submitting them correct in the first time itself otherwise the application will take almost double time to approve.

In case of any query, please leave your comments below.


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