Link Building: The Definite Guide for Beginners (2019)

What makes me an expert link builder?

In late 2017, I started working on building link profile and strategy of (then G2 Crowd.)

The site had less than 5,000 referring domains – as of October 2019, the site has over 16,000 referring domains – that’s 11,000 new referring domains in under two years.

With my colleague, close friend, and Godfather to my dog Jakub Rudnik, we launched the G2 Learn Hub – in early 2018. That meant starting from scratch with a new subdomain, no authority, and no link profile.

In 15 months, our team grew to 30+ team members of writers and link builders, as well as social media, email marketing, and conversion experts, with Jakub and myself leading the team.

From launch to early September 2019, my team had built 5,500+ referring domains to the Learn Hub, building it’s credibility and authority, and generating 1.5M+ monthly sessions.

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