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 Our Process


Link building can be time consuming and expensive which is why a lot of agencies dread this part of the process. We don’t. Agencies will often scramble together weak links to simply tick the ‘right’ boxes and meet deadlines. We don’t. And most importantly, agencies don’t know where to look. We do.


Working with clients of all sizes in multiple industries, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in the link-building process. As a result, we have a methodology that has rewarded our clients with first position rankings.

 Stage 1 – Analysis


Firstly, we thoroughly assess your current backlink portfolio and analyse key metrics to give us an idea as to where you currently stand in the eyes of Google. This analysis highlights all of the backlinks that Google are taking into consideration as well as illustrating your site’s ability to rank. During this process, we look out for the following:

● The number of links   ● Link quality   ● Link
● Age    ● Anchor text variance   ● Number of unique domains


The first stage requires a firm understanding of backlinks for it to be of any value that can only be acquired through experience. An agency’s filtration of links is what separates the cash cows from the dogs and the stars from the problem children.


An error of judgement is costly to your firm: it’s what delays results and hampers your ROI percentage. Our expertise avoids you from having to facing this crime. How?


We’ve done it, over and over again with clients in a variety of different niches. We know a good link when we see one.

Stage 2 – Setting the goalposts and taking action


Once we’ve completed our analysis, we’ll use this information along with specialist software, such as Ahrefs, to determine what target sites are suitable to reach out to. Based on experience, we already know where’s best to go for certain niches, so time isn’t an issue.


A list of websites are then created to be used as part of an email marketing campaign. In this stage, we use a specialist copywriter to craft an email that’s designed to convert. Emails will reach out with an offer of a guest post in exchange for a link


Many agencies use this strategy but few do so effectively. Why? They either produce poor guest posts or they reach out to the wrong websites. A copywriter needs to produce a guest post that aligns the tone of the article with the hosting website’s. It needs to be engaging and it needs to provide value. Simple.


Other link building methods that we use also include:

● Citations ● Broken link building
● Infographic outreach ● Interactive content ● PR connections

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