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What You Need to Know About SEO and Link Building?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process through which a site improves its ranks in the search engine result pages (SERPs). It is a very large and complex field and it requires a lot of time and effort to be learned. Link Building is an effective SEO technique used in the website ranking process.

The first thing you should understand about SEO is that the name is misleading. How so? Well, the name implies that a site needs to be optimized for search engines, right? But the engine algorithms have the purpose to resolve the problems of the users in the best way possible.

What Is the Main Goal of Link Building and SEO?

The main goal of link building and SEO is actually to optimize the site for user satisfaction. But indeed, there are parts that can only be optimized for the algorithm itself. It may sound confusing at first but an example may help you understand the meaning.

For example, the content on your site has the goal to satisfy your audience. On the other hand, the process of building links has the goal to increase the authority of your site in the “eyes” of search engines’ algorithms. As you can see, one directly targets the audience of your site, while the other targets the algorithm.

Even is such a situation, the effects of the link building depend on how much they satisfy the audience. The higher the quality of the content used in the link building strategy, the better the effects it will bring. What does this imply? It simply implies that any SEO strategy should have the main goal of giving some type of value to the audience. The more value, the better.

The number of improvements that need to be made for a successful SEO strategy is staggering. Because of this, the process was broken into three parts. Each part has its important role and while focusing on a single part can be a good choice, but the other should still get a minimum number of improvements.

What Are the Three Most Essential Parts of SEO?

Technical SEO

As mentioned above, SEO has the goal of increasing the satisfaction of the audience, that’s why the technical part of the process needs to take care of the site’s functionality. For example, the methods through which the loading speed of the site increases. The slower the speed with which a site is loading the higher the intensity of the complaints grows.

On-Page SEO

This part includes everything you have on your site. Most of the optimization is applied to the content. There are basic methods like meta descriptions and short links. Also, the quality of the content, its keywords density and the tags used in the photos are other such optimization. Not everything about on-page SEO is about content, there are other methods through which you can increase the satisfaction of the audience and indirectly improve your SEO. A good example of such methods is the use of some type of minigame, an interactive process, something that will let the user interact with the site.

Off-Page SEO

This part of SEO has the same importance as the rest but it requires more time and effort to be implemented. The main goal of this method is increasing the number of links that point towards your site. There are efficient ways to do this and there are also ways through which you can obtain negative results. There are also secondary goals like strengthening brand influence and attract traffic from other sites.

Off-Site SEO: Link Building Is The Most Effective Technique

As mentioned above, the main goal of SEO is link building, but there are secondary goals that need to be taken care of. They are the deciding factors for the quality of the links created. In some ways, they are more important than the link themselves.

1. Authority

While the goal may be to build links but the method through which that is done should also prove the expertise, experience, and authority you have in the field. This can be done through many methods. For example, posting on sites that already have a very high authority proves that your opinion matters for those in the field.

2. Traffic

Another important goal is to attract as much traffic as possible from the sites you post on. This will not steal their audience because you only give them one more option. To do this you must make sure that the posts from other sites are engaging and it makes the audience curious about your site.

There are many methods through which link building can be done. As mentioned above, some will help your ranks while others will not. From the helpful ones, there are 2 that have the most efficiency.

The first method is through reviews. This method can be used on forum topics and blogs in your field. Although you must remember the advice mentioned above. Be careful because this method can help you a lot if done right, but it can also have very negative effects if done wrongly. How can it be done wrongly? Well, by spamming. If your reviews have no depth t them and their only goal is to place a link without offering any value in return then the dissatisfaction will prompt google to penalize your site.

Why Is Guest Post Link Building Complicated?

There are two ways to guest post. The first one is easier and it will not bring you very good results, but it takes much less effort to implement while the second is the more ideal one but is that much harder to implement.

To fully understand the methods, you must first know the 2 most important factors that create the results:


This is the most important part of the guest posting process. You must find sites that will let you guest post for them. Why is this factor so important? Well, the place where you post is important because it dictates the results that you will obtain. For example, if the volume of traffic that the site has is low, then the results of your post can be deduced. If the site is in another field that has no relevance to yours then you will not be able to attract the audience of that site.


If the hosts where your post represents the potential of the results you can get, then the quality of the content represents how much of that potential you can obtain. If your content does not offer any value, then it does not matter if the sites where you post on are the best. Actually, you will not even be able to post on good sites if your content is crap.

Now, can you imagine what are the two ways of guest posting? The first one is through low-quality content which can be either plagiarized or original but useless. And, also, the host sites are those that will not help you in any way.

This method is much easier to implement because the content can be easily obtained while the number of these types of hosts is enormous. This will make it very easy for you to find sites where to post on.

On the other hand, to obtain good quality content requires a lot of time and effort or money. The more resources you spend and the higher your expertise in the writing field is, the better the content. It is easy to learn how to differentiate between bad content and good content but it is hard to learn how to write good content.

Next, to find sites that are relevant to you can also be difficult. If you target the best sites from the beginning you may not be able to convince them to let you guest post. You should begin with sites of your level and slowly work up towards the top ones. You can bypass this by having a good network.

How Does Low-Quality Content Looks Like?

In this article, you will not find how to craft good content but you will be able to instantly understand if the content’s quality is high or low. Below you can find the most important three factors that ruin content and the solution for them:


This is the most important factor. Why? Because no one likes boring content and even if it is helpful it will not be remembered. The biggest sin that a writer can make is to have boring content. You may think that in some industry is not possible to do so.

You may also ask what is the solution for these industries? It is quite easy, there are 2 simple ways. Engage the mind through questions and keep the attention of the audience through directed speech. Meaning, speak to them, address them.


Engaging content can indeed be a pleasure to read or watch, but if that is the only purpose then it will be forgotten fast. This may not be a problem for the entertainment industry, but even there if they could implement some useful information their success will grow.

The best way to be remembered is to help. Gratitude and guilt are the emotions that are forgotten the last. If your content can provide information that will improve the life of the reader in any way, then it will be remembered.


Do you remember the textbooks from school? Those pages that were full of words and numbers? There were almost to blank places on them. How did they make you feel? It was a pleasure to read them? Or, it was a tormenting experience? Most likely the latter, so make the content “readable”!

DIY vs SEO Agency

Now you may understand why it takes months to learn how to create content and years to become very good at it. The questions are, are you ready to spend that much time and effort and DIY guest posting yourself? Or, it is much better for you to collaborate with an SEO agency and let them do all the work for you?

If you just started a business then it may be better for you to do it yourself because of the lack of capital. This will also be a good experience and you will be able to learn a skill that will help you enormously in the future.

On the other hand, if your business is already quite big, then it would be better for you to pay an SEO agency and invest the time and effort to grow your business. By doing this you will be able to create better results in the future and even the cost of the SEO may be covered by the revenue that you will get through the investment of time and effort.

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