Link Building Outreach Strategy (2021 Ultimate Guide)

But, I don’t want to just give you a checklist. I also want to share some of the science behind this – the “why,” if you will.

Different Link Building and Digital PR Outreach Campaigns

Here are some details about the different types of campaigns and when you would run them.

For Building Links to Blog Posts

If a goal of yours is to improve your search engine rankings, there are a few campaigns in Postaga that can help with that, by getting other websites to link to your blog posts when it’s appropriate.

These campaign types are designed to increase your inbound links (aka links to your website) from quality, relevant websites. The more inbound links you have from high-quality and relevant websites, generally speaking, the better your chances of ranking higher in Google search results.

Resources – An article with a title like “101 resources on email marketing” would presumably link to other sites’ content on email marketing. So, for this campaign, you have a blog post that is a helpful resource on a topic, we are going to find other articles that link to resource articles like yours, and ask them to link to your content.

Multiscraper – This campaign type is a more advanced link building tactic that leverages Postaga’s integration with Ahrefs. With this, you can find many other websites’ blog articles on your target topic, find all the websites that link to them, and then reach out to those websites to ask them to link to your article instead of the article they are currently linking to. This campaign can be very successful when your content is especially good and current, and the articles for whose links you are trying to replace are outdated and not as helpful as your content.

Skyscraper – This is essentially a Multiscraper campaign without using Postaga’s Ahrefs integration. (If you have an Ahrefs account, I would recommend linking it to Postaga and just using the Multiscraper campaign type; if not, use this campaign type) The “Skyscraper Technique” is a very popular link building strategy. If you use another research tool other than Ahrefs, you can import the list of URLS you want to reach out to in your campaign to get the websites to link to your content instead of the articles they are currently linking to.

Roundup – This campaign type can be effective, but is very hit-or-miss depending on your blog’s industry. Some websites regularly publish “link roundup” articles related to a particular industry. You can reach out to them to ask them to link to your latest article in their next roundup publication. The caveat here is that not every industry has websites that publish roundups. So, you may end up skipping this campaign type if you cannot find any websites in your space publishing roundups.

Mention – This campaign type can be run for any blog post that has outbound links from your article to other websites. For this campaign, you are going to reach out to all the websites that you link out to in your article, let them know that you mentioned their website or article in your article, and ask them to return the favor in some way.

Broken Link Building – Here, the strategy is to find other articles written on your topic that have dead URLs, but other websites have linked to, and then reach out to those websites to let them know they’re linking to a dead page, suggesting they link to your article instead. For broken link building outreach, you will need a third-party tool like Ahrefs to discover broken links.

For Getting Press Coverage From Other Blogs and Bloggers

If a goal of yours is to get press coverage for your business from blogs, bloggers, or websites, there are a few campaigns in Postaga that can help with that,via pitching these different outlets.

Reviews Outreach – This campaign is geared towards getting bloggers to write up articles reviewing your product, app, or business. It’s easier to pitch if you have a web-based app that can be easily reviewed or if you have a product where you can offer to ship the reviewer a free sample to evaluate. In this campaign, you can find blogs that have reviewed your product’s competitors, or other related products in your industry, and pitch them to see if they’d like to review your product as well.

Tools Outreach – This campaign is good where your business is an app or web-based tool. With this campaign type, you can find blog articles that recommend different software in your particular niche or industry, and pitch them to add a mention of your product in their article.

Vs. Outreach – This is a variant on the reviews or tools campaign types. If you have some well-known competitor products in your space, this campaign type finds articles that compare different products, and pitch those websites to add your product to the comparison lineup.

Custom Search – This campaign type has limitless opportunities. Essentially, with a Custom Search campaign you can search for a particular keyword, find relevant blog articles or websites on that topic and connect with them. To use this campaign type to get press coverage, I would recommend using the Custom Search to search for popular blog article topics in your industry, seeing the blogs that show up, and then pitch them to review your product.

For Building Your Brand

These “building your brand” campaign types are perfect for businesses where a team member at the company, like the CEO or CTO, wants to get featured in media to promote their business or their own personal brand.

Podcast Outreach – Being a guest on a podcast can be a great way to expose your business or brand to a new audience. In this type of outreach, we find relevant podcasts on your target topic and reach out to them with a pitch to have you on the podcast as a guest.

Expertise Outreach – Some blogs feature expert opinions or guest columnists on a topic area. In this outreach campaign type, we find those blogs, and pitch those websites to include your opinion in one of their upcoming articles.

Guest Post Outreach – “Guest posts” are blog posts on websites written by outside contributors. If you write guest posts about your area of expertise on other blogs and websites, you can not only build links to your website to improve your Google search rankings, you can also better connect with your target audience. 

For Connecting with Customers, Partners, or Affiliates  (cold email outreach)

Besides promoting your brand or business, Postaga also has outreach campaigns that can help you build relationships with potential customers, partners, or affiliates.

Custom Search – As mentioned earlier – this campaign type has limitless opportunities. In the context of finding customers, partners or affiliates, this campaign is very much akin to a “cold outreach” pitch. Using the Custom Search campaign, you can search for a particular keyword, find relevant websites or businesses on that topic or in a specific location, and connect with them. As an example: if you are trying to market your product to or partner up with accountants, you could search for the keyword “accountants”, and set a Custom Location for a specific city so you find accountants in that area. Then, you can reach out to them with your pitch.

Reverse Mention – This campaign type leverages the research that other websites have already done for you. If you are looking to connect with businesses in a particular industry and you search for them, you might find a search result like “Top 50 [business type] businesses” and that result will lead you to an article or directory that lists many different businesses. You can then run a Mention campaign on that, extracting all of the URLs on that page, and then reach out to those businesses.

Step 3: Create a List of Outreach Campaigns to Run

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