“Leave No One Behind”- A Bridge of Culture Linking the

NANJING, China, June 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On Jun. 22nd, a global goodwill campaign named “Leave No One Behind” kicked off on the occasion of Nanjing Tech Week Open Innovation Salon, Nanjing Week 2021, organized by Nanjing Creative Center. The Campaign aims to help build an inclusive and caring world in which the “benefits of innovation and development are shared by all”. At the launch ceremony, international organizations, tech companies, cultural institutions, colleges and artists rallied together and called for people across the globe to care about and care for each other. Complete with a multimedia exhibition, the ceremony added prestige to Nanjing Week Overseas City Innovation Dialogue, it also served to present Nanjing as a city of universal love and inexhaustible creativity.

Discover Nanjing: A City of Universal Love and Inexhaustible Creativity

Nanjing is a Chinese city situated in the Yangtze River Delta region with the famous Purple Mountain on the eastern side. It is a garden city whose beauty is defined by cloud-shrouded peaks and mirror-like waters. It is an innovative city that both drives and is driven by social economy, culture, technology and education. It is a caring city where the tradition of kindness and generosity goes back a long way.

“Leave No One Behind” is part of Nanjing’s effort to share the innovation dividend with all citizens, especially women, children, the elderly and people with disabilities. The Campaign will not only demonstrate how Nanjing is leading its residents to a better life, but also set a global example for building an inclusive and barrier-free city.

Themed “The Force of Culture”, the eye-catching exhibition of the launch ceremony conveyed the key message of “Leave No One Behind” and showcased how goodwill campaigns reached global audiences. Adhering to the brand positioning as a better city builder, Sunac Nanjing, the nonprofit partner of this exhibition, expressed the wish on behalf of all participants: “We hope to maintain a deep cultural bond with Nanjing. The city has a whole new future ahead of it. Being city builders means we have a chance to grow with the city and tap its inner power.”

“I’m the founder of a barrier-free technology company. I’m also a rare disease patient. Because of assistive devices, I’m able to move again without restraint. Because of the Internet and ASR technology, I’m able to work smoothly and efficiently. Because of barrier-free technology and services, I’m able to reconnect with society”. Ji Xun, a narrator of “Leave No One Behind” and a “Self-improvement Model” of Jiangsu, is suffering from a rare muscle disorder. She believes she was fortunate to grow up in such an inclusive and caring city as Nanjing. “Right here, let’s start an exciting journey together and ‘Leave No One Behind’,” she enthused.

The Force of Culture: Create a Diversified, Inclusive and Caring City

“Leave No One Behind” is also known as Season 3 of “The Force of Culture”, a major international event of Nanjing Week. Each season of the event revolves round a cultural symbol — an antique, an artwork, or an act of love originating from Nanjing– to invite cities, institutions, organizations and individuals all over the world to participate in an online relay and interaction by posting an artwork that fits the theme of the event on a social media platform.

During the event, these cultural symbols spread via the Internet to every corner of the world. They give people courage to smile their troubles away. They inspire cities to tell their own stories. They lead a group of people to a better life empowered by technology. “Be it a gizmo, a piece of art, or an icon of undifferentiated love, we hope the kind gesture from the ‘City of Universal Love’ will send out beautiful ripples across the globe,” said a director of Nanjing Week 2021 Organizing Committee.

SOURCE Nanjing Creative Center

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