Is There Any SEO Benefit To Leaving The Breadcrumb Feature

In episode 142 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts (, one participant asked whether leaving the breadcrumb feature enabled is beneficial in terms of SEO, or whether one should disable it and instead link from within the pages.

The exact question was:

I’m building out a national lead gen site with a separate page for about 600 cities across the U.S. and in a niche which has several sub-niches. Going to be 3,000+ pages once I’m done. I’ve watched your videos on both simple and complex silo structures. I’m definitely using the complex one: My question: I notice that my Genesis child theme has a breadcrumbs option. When I enable it for pages, I got to thinking that these breadcrumb links are going to bleed my juice, but they basically are linking back up to the higher levels within the silo which is what I’m doing anyhow within the text of my pages using contextual links. Is there any SEO benefit to leaving the breadcrumb feature enabled or should I just turn it off and link from within the body of my pages?

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