How to Start in SEO | Ep

In episode #629, Eric and Neil Discuss how to get started in SEO. Tune in to hear what’s changed and how you can get a successful start doing SEO.


[00:27] Today’s Topic: How to Start in SEO [00:45] The biggest thing that Eric and Neil are seeing right now is that the path to success has changed. [01:18] If you spend a year practicing SEO on your own website, that’s no longer the way to go. [01:35] You should practice on someone else’s older website. [01:52] Hit up a ton of people offering your services for free. [02:00] It’s easier to grow a business than it is to start one. [02:25] During a TED Talk Eric saw, a Harvard Professor outlined the three elements of trust: authenticity, empathy, and logic. [02:45] When you develop your skills for free, you will eventually earn clients. [03:14] You will probably have to email 15-17 people before you get a solid “yes” when it comes to offering your services for free. [03:40] Make sure that the person to whom you offer your services is as committed as you are. [03:59] Even if you are working for free, make sure you get a contract to get the time that you need. [04:38] A semantic search tool was just released from a developer at Google. [04:57] Be aware that this is the future of searching and it will affect your SEO. [05:42] SEO and Sales are similar. [05:58] SEO is trying to sell yourself and get a link. [06:04] Victor Antonio has a great YouTube page about sales. [06:24] Most new SEO workers focus on traffic from relevant keywords, which Neil thinks is a terrible idea. [06:37] Just because you get more relevant traffic, doesn’t mean you get more sales. [06:50] Instead, look at Google Analytics, see where your ROI is coming from, focus on increasing traffic to the landing pages with the most revenue. [07:21] That’s it for today! [07:25] Go to for a special marketing tool giveaway! Leave some feedback:

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