How to get High PageRank for your blog ?

At the expense of being boring, for geeks and old bloggers, I will have to tell first what is pagerank (PR). Pagerank is a complex mathematical stuff (let’s put it like that!) that is used to rank websites (blogs are typically websites so pagerank matters to blogs too..). The PR though it might sound normal that it refers to page ranking is not really that, it is named like that because it was made by a fellow called Larry Page (Who cares!).

Enough of introduction now,.. you know what is pagerank by now and you want to know why does it matter to you? .. Pagerank is important because it gives an idea how much your blog is known around the internet. How it is ranked on google search for example. Stuffs like that, just keep that simple for the time being. Eventually, higher PR websites have more value. Such as Google, Facebook, Digg, Bing, ..  It is a scale of 0-10. Ofcourse, the top websites like google would be rated 10 /10.

Some Figures

A large majority of blogs are rated 0

Mauritian blogs are ranked from 0 to 3-4 mostly. 

Only around 5-8 Mauritian blogs have attained the PR3-4.

How to increase your PageRank ?

Anyone can easily write a book on that with the huge amount of information around the web. Conversely, not much of those information are really important for us Mauritian bloggers.

[The post is already getting long.. I will continue point-wise]

The Top 10 ways to increase your PageRank are as follows:

  1. It is a matter of taste, but getting yourself a nice template is already a good beginning (I changed templates 7 times, as far as you get your blog back online quickly, it does not matter)
  2. Use Meta-tags [search engines look for those and you will find a lot of info how to put them]
  3. Get yourself friends on other blogs but blogs in your own country linking to you would increase your alexa ranking (I don’t bother about that ranking but you can use it to brag a bit on your blog)
  4. Get yourself a Facebook, Twitter, .. Whatever badge and link to your accounts, this will make your readers happy to get back to you.
  5. Find competing blogs (same topics as you) and post comments on their posts, they will post back on yours (creating back-links).
  6. Look out for blog directories online, there are 100s of those, submit your blog to them.
  7. Make yourself some accounts on websites like, twitter, blogcatalog, stumble.., delicious.., myspace, .. whatever, .. in order to share your posts (so that people can read! That’s the main use of writing on a blog, to make people read or see your stuffs!! )
  8. Back- Linking: This is quite an art. However, Mauritian bloggers would be glad to exchange links for most of them, Just ask them nicely in a comment on their posts or on their “contact me” page. Backlinking is good for both blogs being linked. However, do not get your backlink and erase the one your page, the blogger could get angry with you. (bloggers do check if their backlinks are still backlinking)
  9. Use pictures, a picture is better than a 1000 words. Plus, a picture on a post adds to its attractiveness specially when sharing on facebook or digg for example. 
  10. Update your blog with articles as often as you can, 2-3 days lapses are considered to be  good practice Get your readers to come back to read for more, get them addicted to your contents. Ofcourse, after some time you would have written a lot of posts and the probability that people would stumble on your blog while searching on google is much higher (so, write a lot of posts so that you get a large archive). Niche blogging (writing on 1 stuff, like fish, computers or software) is also great, depends on you and your knowledge of the subject. Else, just be an all topics blogger ! who cares !.

I am quite sure some old bloggers are reading this, please comment below about the 10 points ..

What do you think ?

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