How to Get High Pagerank 8

The title of this post was formerly “How to Get a  Pagerank 8 with Massively Great SERPS”. That sounded good but it was mouthful, so I shortened it. Nonetheless, the gist of this article reveals how to get a high pagerank AND high search engine rankings. Both come hand in hand. It’s vital to business.

Understand first  that Pagerank is Google’s measure of a site’s credibility. The search engine giant follows the pagerank rating system N/A to 10. If your site is rated N/A, 0 or 1, your site is a dwarf and chances are it won’t be found for the keywords you’re fighting for. If your site has a rank of 3 to 5, it’s average and you stand a good chance to be found. Anything above that means your site is a Titan.

Your goal as an internet marketer is to get a high page rank and the corollary high SERP. Both factors lead to page one visibility and that means a lot of eyeballs for you. Think of having a low pagerank and SERP as planting a billboard somewhere in redneck county. Having a high pagerank and SERP is like positioning your billboard on the center of a superhighway. People can’t help but see it.

Let’s get to brass tacks. Here’s how to create massive visibility for your online business. Let’s talk about SERPs then let’s talk about Pagerank

SERP is a function of relevance and backlinks. At Moz and SEOMagestic, you will realize that on-page SEO accounts for 20% of your SERP. The 80%  is governed by the quantity and quality of backlinks. This section covers the 20% on-page SEO

  • First, ensure that your title tag, h1 tag, and body text  has the precise keyphrase you are targeting. Do not exceed 2% density. Beyond that and you’ll be flagged as a spammer.
  • Second, plug in a photo that has the alt text attribute carrying the same keyphrase. See how that was implemented on this page.
  • Third, link out to high authority sites from the page like the W3 Consortium. This tells google : “Hey, I’m not a spammy site because I’m linking to valuable content.”
  • Fourth, embed a relevant youtube video on your site. Relevance is gauged by the nature of your content and the tags of the video. Note how this was implemented on this page too. The rationale for this technique is as with the previous pagerank tactic.
  • Finally create your entire site using a Silo Structure. This structure helps pagerank juice flow nice and smoothly too all internal pages- helping them rank. Here’s an example:

Implement this structure and you’ll be found

Gurus won’t yell you that It doesn’t get easier than this.

Let’s get to the hard part. Pagerank itself.

Pagerank is not so easy to achieve. Indeed, several sites end up pagerank 3 for almost 10 years. You don’t want that. For the second half of your arsenal, I’m listing a handful of techniques that have always worked for me and they should do the same for you.

Now before we begin, remember that pagerank is solely a function of backlinks. You get higher pagerank when more sites link to you. But that’s not the only factor. Sites that link in must have high pagerank themselves. It helps all the more if their content is relevant.

  •  First, get a lot of backlinks from .gov and .edu sites. These sites are viewed as credible. If they cite you, you take that credibility. How do you do this? Offer to create a valuable report for their site. If it’s a business school, post a business study on their behalf. Then link back to your site.
  • Second, do translation work for This is the oldest site on the internet and they have established key html standards. The site admin of this pagerank 10 domain encourage translations for their pages, and in exchange you get a backlink from a pagerank 9 or 10 page. Remember, a single backlink from a pagerank 9 page can boost you to pagerank 5. (Note though, that that page must have low OBL). I’ve done this for years and every domain I’ve worked on hit at least a pagerank 4. Start your quest for w3c translations here.
  • Fourth, create a truly dazzling wordpress theme that everyone would love. Encrypt a backlink into the footer of the theme. When thousands upon thousands of webmasters download and install this into their site, you get a rapid boost. Pagerank explodes.
  • Finally, remember that your inbound links must be on the page with pagerank. If you manage to squeeze a link on an inner page of a pagerank 9, there’s little chance that page would have enough link power.

The aforementioned SEO steps sounds too simple does it not? Before you discount the power, do yourself a favor and study the pagerank of this site. These very tactics have been employed on this network with strong effect. Our team deployed purewhite hat methods to create rapid SERPs and pagerank.

To sustain the ranking and drive traffic, it helps to create multiple video and social network assets pointed to your newly minted PR7 site.

Here’s proof, as reported by the global ranking of sites by pagerank:

(some sites we outrank are,,,,,,, and instagram)

We are rank 377 out of the billions of websites in the world


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Now get out there and do great business and get wealthy!

Joseph Plazo, Ph.D

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