How to get a player page on 247Sports

For the majority of FBS recruits one of our local or national experts becomes aware of you and simply creates a 247Sports profile about you. If this doesn’t happen for you (your son, or player), here are a few steps you may take to make it happen.

First off, before you reach out to 247Sports get your information ready. Below is what you should send the expert. It’s a lot, but it will make your profile much more complete sooner than later:

Basic Bio Information

  1. Name: Full name and don’t get hung up on suffixes. If you’re John Smith III, but everyone knows you simply as John Smith, then go by John Smith. You want to make sure people may find you in our database and search results.
  2. Contact Information: Please send your phone number, cell number, email address and twitter account. This will allow our experts to reach out to you for more information if they have questions or want to interview you.
  3. Position: The position you are being recruited as. Some players are High School quarterbacks, but are going to be recruited as wide receivers. Some play defensive line in High School, but are being recruited as outside linebackers for college. We want to know what you’re being recruited as.
  4. High School/JUCO, or Prep school (School’s city, State): There are several Washington High School’s in the U.S. Let us know the city and state too. Note: If you are a JUCO or Prep School player, please also include your past High School(s) and the year’s you went there.
  5. Country: If you’re from another country, let us know. Otherwise, we’re assuming U.S.
  6. Height and Weight: Just be truthful here. Padding this does you no good. It won’t help your rating or recruiting.
  7. Class year: What year will you graduate High School/JUCO/Prep? Also let us know if you will be a December Graduate, or Early Enrollee.
  8. Birthdate: Date of birth is needed for us to display your age on the profile.
  9. Stats: Give us your stats for each year of varsity. Please separate them by year. Career totals are nice to know, but will not be useful for your page. If you have any testing times like 40, shuttle or bench, you may also include that.

Recruiting Information

  1. List of schools recruiting you: Doesn’t matter what division. If they are recruiting you, we’d like to know. Note: Being on a mailing list does not count as being recruited.
    Boise State
  2. Offers: Make a note beside the schools recruiting you that have offered you. Example:
    Boise State (offer)
    UCLA (offer)
  3. Coaches recruiting you for each school: List your main recruiter(s) at each school (max of two coaches). Please do not include the Head Coach. Example:
    Nevada: Coach Jim Hofher
    Boise State (offer): Coach Robert Prince
    Utah: Coaches Aaron Roderick & Morgan Scalley
    UCLA (offer): Coach Eric Yaber and Noel Mazzone
  4. Camps: Tell us about any camps, or combines you attended and the date. Example:
    Auburn Camp, July 16, 2012
    Army Junior Combine, Jan 5, 2013
    Miami Nike Combine, March 17, 2013
    NUC Florida Camp, May 10, 2013
    Auburn Camp, July 15, 2013
  5. Junior Days and Unofficial Visits: Along with camps, let us know what Junior Days and unofficial visits you took. Combine these into you Camps list. Example:
    Georgia Unofficial Visit, March 16, 2012
    Auburn Camp, July 16, 2012
    Army Junior Combine, Jan 5, 2013
    LSU Junior Day, Feb 2, 2013
    Auburn Junior Day, Feb 16, 2013
    Miami Nike Combine, March 17, 2013
    Florida State Unofficial Visit, March 24, 2013
    NUC Florida Camp, May 10, 2013
    Auburn Unofficial Visit, May 24, 2013
    Auburn Camp, July 15, 2013


  1. Video highlights: Send us a link to your online video highlights. It doesn’t matter the source, but Youtube or hudl are preferred. Send multiple links if you have more than one highlight video.
  2. Profile pictures: Action shot are nice, but the key is sending a good profile picture. Most of you have good head shots from camps, or can easily have someone take one from their phone to send to us. A few keys to note for the profile picture (click for an example 1 | 2):
    – Make sure there is not a big shadow over your face
    – Send us as large a photo as possible. We’ll crop it and size it down
    – Take it as close as possible and reasonable. A big photo where you are only 50% of it, is not as good as a medium size one where you are 90% of the photo
    – Shoot from the upper torso and above. For your profile picture, we won’t be showing your hips and legs. Those are fine for action shots though
  3. Rights to use: Please make sure you own the picture and have the rights to let us use it. If it was taken by another photographer at an event, or on another website, you must have written permission to use that photo on your 247Sports profile.

After your information is ready here are the different ways to contact experts or get your page updated:

  1. As I mentioned before, most players will get their page added by an expert as they come across you during the process. If this is the case and any of the above information is missing, reach out to that expert with the additional information and they will add it.
  2. 247Recruiting email (success rate: Low to Med) Use our generic email. This goes into a queue that will be forwarded off to our data group. We receive a ton of emails every day, so the queue is very long (4-6 weeks usually). This email may not create a profile if your recruitment is in the early stages, or not substantial enough.
  3. Contact a local expert (success rate: Low to High depending on recruiting interest) 247Sports has several team sites. If a school is recruiting you, seek out the local recruiting expert by finding the site (site list), then contacting the recruiting writer for that site. Most have a Contact Us link under “More” in the main navigation, or are easily found on twitter. Note: If you’re not really being recruited (being on a mailing list, or paying to go to a camp does not equal being recruited) by this school, you will not have success with this method. Local experts must prioritize recruits who are actually being recruited.
  4. Reach out to a National Expert (success rate: Medium) These experts have to prioritize their time and may not get around to adding you until time is available later in the recruiting season. You may email or call an expert here.


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