How to Gaining Backlinks to Your Website: 8 Clever Ways

Learning how to gaining backlinks to your website that your site will worthy of high rankings.  High-quality Backlink is one of the oldest and most effective SEO techniques too yet. It is also one of the most productive ways to increase organic search traffic. That’s why in this post, I’ll explain how to gaining backlinks to your website just in six smart ways.

How to Gaining Backlinks to Your Website-

According to Google, you should get links in a completely natural way, without doing anything. You need to be careful how you create quality backlinks. Wait until some good soul inserts a link to your site because the article is fantastic, beautiful, and unique.

There are smart ways to get quality backlinks that will give you the genuine, organic backlinks which you are looking for. Here are some ways to ensure that you get quality backlinks that can lead to search rankings. Let’s go, how to gaining backlinks to your website

Definition of Backlink

A Backlink, or inbound link or return link, is a link that points to a website or web page. Backlink like a vote that leads from one website to another. It’s essential to do natural SEO strategy for the reputation index of a site .which increases the chances of being in the first positions of a search page in a search engine such as Google (SERP).

Backlinking is the strategy that consists of obtaining Backlinks to optimize the global net linking of a website and therefore its positioning in the SERP. Backlinking allows you to get additional traffic on the target website, but also to gain notoriety among Internet users and search engines through robots that crawl the sites and follow the links.

What is a good backlink?

Like hunters, there is a good backlink and a bad backlink. But then what is a good backlink? A good backlink must follow precise rules to improve a site’s natural SEO ranking and increase traffic. The natural backlink obtained free of charge must meet the following requirements:

  • A reliable site that respects the Google rules and in which there is a great trust. We talk about Trust Flow in Majestic SEO as an indicator of reliability. The more reliable a backlink, the higher the score.
  • A website that does not practice spamming links in every way. It can too easy to create thousands of links to a website for better reference. Too many links have a negative impact on the flow of appointments. We would prefer a weaker Citations Flow than a Trust Flow.
  • The sites that provide backlinks must be of different types: blogs, corporate sites, directories, social networks
  • The site pointing to yours should have a similar theme
  • The link anchor must match your article without overdoing it to avoid a penalty.

How do backlinks work?

Backlinks play an important role in search engine algorithm, SEO, and overall website growth strategies.

The simplest way to think about backlinks is to think of them as conversations between websites.

For example, amirsohel is a blogger, and he writes a very interesting article about a Backlink.

E-commerce revolution

Another blogger, Sara, links to amirsohel’s article because she shares her point of view. Since she writes about her on her blog she does

A blog (short for “weblog”) is an “online newspaper”, or informational website, which displays information in reverse chronological order, with the latest.  create a backlink to amirsohel’s post.


As Sara’s blog is very popular in the industry, other sites link to her article as well. This increases the authority of Sara’s blog, and amirsohel’s article gets a valuable backlink from an authoritative site.

In essence, it is a win for everyone.

8 Best Tactics to Gaining Backlinks to Your Website or Blog

Looking for free backlinks? It is not easy unless you are able to attract inbound links naturally with a relevant strategy.

To do link building there are several practices, some less correct than others. In this article, I will discuss how to gaining backlinks to your website. I will report several that without much effort and expense you can get good links. It will help especially for those who are just starting out and want to receive the first links to their website.

Let’s find out the ultimate techniques how to gaining backlinks to your website

  • Public relations
  • Broken link building
  • Become an authority in the sector yourself
  • Socialize
  • Write a guest post
  • Create a blog that is unique
  • Building relationships
  • Report links

Public relations

To some digital marketers, “public relations” may sound more like a traditional marketing strategy.

And in a technical sense, it is.

But in the context of link building simply refers to the practice of using the same techniques of getting backlinks that you could use to get the press.

One of the best ways to get cited as a source in a news article or another online content.

In the past, the only way to do this was to hire a publicist with connections to prominent journalists and publications.

Today, you can eliminate the need for this third-party help by registering with Help A Reporter or HARO. This service allows journalists to make calls from sources within their daily newsletter.

Indicate what areas you have expertise in and you will receive a daily list of journalists’ needs related to your skills directly in your inbox on a daily basis. You can then contact these journalists, and if they are interested in what you have to say, they will cite you as a source.

You can also consider classic PR moves like press releases.

Bloggers and journalists are constantly looking for new information, so whenever your business achieves something significant, make the announcement and details easy to find.

Broken link building

Even any reputable, as well as well-maintained websites, suffer from broken links.

Every link on a site originally links to another page online. But because websites often move their content, some of those links will eventually “break” or point to pages that no longer exist.

When a user clicks on a broken link, she will land on a 404 error page telling her that the content she is looking for no longer exists.

This not only provides a poor user experience but also makes it difficult for search engines to crawl and index websites efficiently.

Building broken links fix this and are a great way to build valuable links.

This strategy involves finding broken links on other websites, identifying the content they originally referred to, and then offering the site the opportunity to replace your broken link with a valid link to relevant content.

Of course, that content will be on your website.

With this strategy, everyone wins. The site owner will have fewer broken links. Your visitors will see more up-to-date and useful content and fewer 404s. And you’ll get a high-quality backlink.

Become an authority in the sector yourself

To make sure that more and more reputable sites integrate backlinks to your page. You need to provide content that invites them to do so. In short, have the industry authorities yourself.

There is no alternative to creating relevant and quality content, especially since search engines are increasingly focusing on quality and authenticity to skim good content. Virtually all pages on your website that carry content must do the following:

  • Achieve the highest standards of grammatical and informational accuracy,
  • Propose content based on careful research from credible information sources,
  • Be captivating and engaging from a visual and imaginative point of view.
  • Your content should teach the reader something, filling the gap between the consumer’s needs and the information already available externally.

Expanding your horizons beyond the length of the usual articles and proposing unique content that other sites can trust is an effective method of obtaining credible backlinks.

Here are some effective types of content in the form of standalone pages or support topics on other websites, which make for interesting backlink options:

  • Glossaries,
  • Detailed and specialized guides,
  • Infographics,
  • Charts and diagrams,
  • Study cases,
  • Comparative analyzes,
  • eBook,
  • White paper,
  • Audio recordings,
  • Image libraries,


In an age in which the Internet is flooded with new content every day, simply publishing informative and inspiring material is not enough. Lack of adequate visibility on the social networks most used by your target audience greatly reduces the reach and potential of your content. After all, no one can link to a page they don’t know!

Although it has not yet been proven that social media have an effective impact in the SERP field, a strong social strategy can certainly give an important boost. Frequently share creative and interesting posts. It is an indispensable step in building a reputation and gaining a following.

Social networks combined with a strong SEO strategy can help increase traffic to your site. This increases your authority for search engines and makes you more worthy of a backlink to other websites. After all, what good is great content if it’s not available to browse and share?

But sharing on social media is still not enough. To make sure your content gets the exposure it deserves, it is important to interact with your audience on social media in a relevant way. One way to do this is to respond to comments and reward shares and “likes” with a mention from you. The same goes for websites that post backlinks to your content because gaining visibility on your social assets will encourage them to engage with you even more.

Write a guest post

How to Gaining Backlinks to Your Website-

Writing an article for another website in your industry is always a winning idea. There are many sites that are interested in hosting posts to offer their readers some interesting new content. Of course, the article must be well written and the topic must be of real interest to those who visit that particular site.

There are many sites and blogs that agree to post your article on their site. Before writing an article somewhere, make sure that:

  • The site or blog is relevant to your niche
  • The article is useful, it solves some problems for the user who reads it
  • Focuses on quality (well written, professional, and interesting)
  • Always remember that a bad article can lead to a bad reputation.

It is important to create links that help your website scale the SERPs and not to create backlinks that can negatively affect your site’s ranking in search results, so keep your eyes peeled.

N.B. to search for authoritative sites in our sector, in addition to the Moz site (open site Explorer) I mentioned earlier, there is a very useful extension for Chrome and Firefox. is called LinkResearchTools. This tool helps you to quickly assess the authority and trust of a domain.

Once you have chosen the site or blog, you can easily contact the webmaster and propose a Guest Post on his site. If the article is well written and helps the user who reads it, there should be no problems with publication.

Create a blog that is unique

Don’t create a blog for the purpose of making a post with a backlink to the main site. If you do, you have not only wasted your time, but you have also created a risky link for the site itself.

Creating a blog to send links is not a practice to be implemented at the beginning. To make this kind of strategy it takes knowledge, experience, and a lot of investments.

Write articles on a regular basis. Focus on your industry and your customer’s needs! Over time, it will likely gain authority. Make sure your content is relevant, useful, and well structured.

This is the only way to make sure that users will want to return to the site again. This is the best way to get great links because you earn them!

Building relationships

In favor of good link building, you need to build good relationships. There are many opportunities to build new contacts. You need to start with groups and communities related to your niche: forums, blogs, or social groups, such as the Facebook Link Building Expert Group.

Take the first step and start contributing interesting and relevant comments and posts, providing contextual value to each discussion.

By actively participating in these online communities focused on your niche, you’ll always have access to the latest industry news and connect with people who share the same passions as you.

Report links

Sometimes users mention your site in their content but do not place backlinks. You can contact the owners of these websites and ask them to add a link. You can find site references that do not include backlinks through special tools used by digital marketing companies.

Final Thought

How to gaining backlinks to your website in clever ways? There are many other steps that are complementary to these 8 main steps. You can work on your backlinking in different ways, whether it’s waiting for them to arrive, picking them up from sites, or buying them. Always make sure to follow your backlinks to avoid nasty surprises like Google penalties. The SEO experts can audit your backlinks and propose recommendations to increase your visibility and the natural referencing of your site.

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