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Riding bicycles are increasingly used not only for recreation, but for transportation and like any vehicle on the road they need to be checked in order to assure they are in good condition. Having a well maintained bike not only makes the ride more comfortable. It also assures that the rider and those around him stay safe on the road.

When To Tune Up a Bike

While a rider should always stay attentive in order to identify any questionable sounds or report a change in how a bike feels, they should also make a point to have various components of their bike checked out at the beginning or end of ech season it they are riding their bicycle on a regular basis. Some of the things to check include

the chain for cleanliness and proper lubrication

properly adjusted brakes and confirm that brake pads are no more than half worn

gears shift securely

hubs checked for secure locknuts and that axles are not bent

wheels need to be properly aligned and mounted

freewheel needs lubrication

handlebars are tested to assure proper fit with the individual rider

cables checked for rust and lubricated

While some people make a point to learn basic bicycle repair, it is usually a good idea to have professionals take a look at the bike service in Branford so that no important detail is missed.

By asking the right questions cyclists are able to provide the right kinds of bike service in click here. Fixing a chain, or replacing an inner tube, and proper shift techniques will also make the ride safer and more rewarding. If there are problems, it is good for a person to have a professional steer them in the right direction. If a certain part is not immediately available, they will often order missing parts and provide bike service in Branford to get them back on their bike.

Preparing for the Seasons

Depending on the season, bike riding can have different demands. Summer riders often need to dodge construction zones, and winter riders have plenty of options so that they are not too hot or too cold or slipping on leaves or ice.

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