Free Bulk MOZ Domain Authority Checker SEO Tool Finding DA,

About Bulk Domain Authority Checker

Free Bulk Moz Domain Authority checker scores your website on a scale of 1-100. The higher the domain authority of your site determines how well your site is. Higher domain authority score is important to score well on the search engine.

What are Different SEO Metrics which Check Moz Metrics Tool finds out?

Checking Moz metrics of multiple sites is a difficult task, our tool makes it simple by checking bulk URLs for Moz score at once. The tool shows real-time results following

Moz Metrics

  • Domain Authority – SEO guru Moz created this metric name DA to estimate how well a website will rank on SERP. DA score ranges from 0-100.
  • Page Authority – Popularly called PA, it measures how well a single page of website rank on SERP. It will vary for the different page of your site.
  • Moz Rank – MozRank is a link popularity score which is measured from a 0-10 scale based on the website linking authority of a webpage.

The IP address of the server

Every website has a static IP address presented in dot-decimal format. Checking IP addresses is useful for locating the site origin.

Number of External Links

Simply known as links created on other websites which link back to your site. The greater number of external links your site has the higher the domain authority you have. It is important to remember that here quality matters more than quantity so creates only relevant external links.

Is It Necessary To Check Domain Authority 2.0 of a Website?

It is a general question which every Jack & Jen have in mind. Is it important to constantly check my site domain authority? The answer is simply a big “YES” as this will help you monitor your website performance regularly. Check with your competitor sites as well and you will get to know how much efforts you need to beat your competition and drive more traffic to your site. The higher the Domain Authority you have is directly proportional to greater visibility within the search engines.

How & Where We Can Use Multiple Domain and Page Authority Checking Tool?

Just add your domain names in the form above in separate lines i.e. 1 link per line and hit enter and wait. In a few seconds, you will be presented with results of SEO metrics of every site. You can also have the option to Download the result in CSV format for further sorting.

You can use domain authority & page authority to check how valuable a domain is. A site with good domain authority will certainly help you get the benefit for your site. So, next time when you are planning to get backlinks or acquiring any blogger outreach service for your site don’t forget to check those websites domain and page authority to determine how well they work for your project.

Is MozRank A Perfect SEO metric?

Due to its high precision, MozRank has earned a good reputation in the SEO community with time. Still, there are many who don’t consider MozRank important. But it is a fact that MozRank has great importance in developing strong SEO strategies. It is a helpful metric to know stong pages and keywords of your site relevant to a particular search. The higher the MozRank your site page is the greater the visibility you have in the search engine.

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