Easy On Page SEO for Beginners and Intermediates

Three and a half years ago, I found myself $238,000 in debt without a means of income.  I had to turn my life around and figure out how to keep my home.

I decided to adapt and monetize my existing home décor blog.  SEO has been the key to my success and I was able to couple this with affiliate marketing to generate over $20,000 a month in a bit over 2 years.

Over 80% of my affiliate income comes from SEO traffic.  I have been consistently making over $20K per month for the last 15 months.  Now, I’m down to just $18,000 in debt (yes, I’ve paid off $220,000 in debt…and I’m almost there).

SEO has been the key. SEO traffic is much easier to monetize (and to grow an email list) and it has a compounding effect over time.  It is much more stable (and profitable) vs Pinterest and other social media (although a combo is ideal).

I started my blog on a shoe string budget (as all of my money was going to pay my mortgage and my debt), so I had to be clever about how to grow, and SEO has been the ticket.

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