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Domain Rating and URL Rating checker.

Since backlinks are still the backbone of the internet, search engines use backlinks to determine the popularity and authority of a website.

“3 most important ranking signals used by Google: Content, Links and RankBrain” — Andrey Lipattsev (search Quality Senior Strategist at Google)

The higher your Domain Rating, the bigger your chances your website will perform well in search.

Do you need to check the strength of the backlink profile pointing to your website? Or do you need to see how your domain authority compares to the competition? Use the Domain Rating (DR) checker to check the DR, for up to 10 sites. In addition this tool will return the total number of backlinks pointing to any given domain.


The Domain Rating checker returns these metrics:

  • Domain Rating, 0 – 100 score
  • URL Rating, 0 – 100 score
  • Total number of backlinks
  • In-depth Analysis
    • Discover individual Backlinks
    • Find organic search competitors
    • Check SERP rankings

What is Domain Rating (DR)?

Domain rating is a metric developed to score the strength of a website, based on its backlink profile. The domain is rated on a 0 to 100 (logarithmic) scale. The higher your Domain rating the stronger your website and the higher the potential to perform well in search.

How is Domain Rating calculated?

Domain Rating is calculated based on these metrics:

  • The number of unique domains linking to your website.
  • The value of the links pointing to your website.
  • The relevancy of the links pointing to your domain.

What is URL Rating (UR)?

URL rating is a metric developed to score the strength of a specific URL. Based on the quality and relevancy of the backlinks pointing to the URL a rating is assigned, on 0 to 100 (logarithmic) scale. The higher your UR the bigger the chance your URL will perform well in search.

Tool limitations

  • Domain and URL Rating scores should be treated as an indication and not as absolute numbers.
  • Domain and URL Rating are not official Google metrics.
  • Domain and URL Rating don’t provide any information about relevancy for a specific keyword.

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