detailed SEO report for your website for $2

detailed SEO report for your website

know issues on your site and get a full
list of what you can do to fix them:

  • Check for broken pages, links,
    and problems with basic HTML tags.
  • Detect complex issues related
    to international SEO, crawlability,
    and schema optimization.
  • Keyword Research
    1. Competition level
    2. Keyword difficulty
    3. Monthly volume
    4. Related phrases
    5. Questions, and more.
    6. 360 View Competitive AnalysisTake a deep dive into any of your competitors’ data:
      1. Keywords
      2. Backlinks
      3. Ad campaigns
      4. Top performing content

Use Competitors reports to see who you’re up against
online and what their current strengths and
weaknesses are.[/*]

  • You will get the data written on PDF file [/*]

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