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App Store SEO? | Differences between ASO and SEO

Today Maja and Elisa will start a new series called App Store Optimization for Beginners aka ASO for dummies! ????

We will start off with the differences and similarities between Seo (Search engine optimization) and Aso (App Store Optimization).

Many of you struggle to understand the differences between these two terms – and so did we! But let’s first look at the similarities both involve:
conversion optimization

Both of those processes include those mention above and can help you improve your rankings.
The main difference lies in the ranking, or better said factors that impact the rankings.

*Ranking factors for SEO vs SEO*

Google considers more 200 different ranking factors when sorting the results and with Aso, the number is not that high.

Now let’s look into the factors and differences in more detail:

1. Where are you trying to rank? 1:13
️ With Seo, you want to rank on the search engines, on the website. The most popular search engines include Google, Bing, Yahoo.
️ In Aso, we want to rank well in the app stores. For example the Apple app store (for iOS apps) or Google Play (for Android apps). There are also Chinese specific app stores such as Huawei or Tencent app store.

2. What can you change on-page? 1:27
With Seo, you check out the Keyword density you choose the keywords and you use them in:
• Meta Title
• Meta description
• Headlines (H1, H2, H3)
• Alt tags and more

With ASO, the keyword density matter for Google apps, but not for iOS apps. The best place to put your keywords in are:
• App Title (App name)
• Keyword Field (iOS only) – limited to 100 characters
• App Subtitle (iOS only)
• App Description

Both processes consider how users engage with either the page (Seo) or with the app (Aso).
On a website, those would be metrics like
• Bounce Rates (people coming and going)
In an app, the important metrics are the
• Uninstall Rate (people immediately uninstalling the app)
• Retention Rate (how often people come and continue using the app)

3. What brings people to you? Off-page Factors 2:33
For Seo, this involves how people come to your page, what brings them to you?
• Links (and their Quality)
This can include Social media or other channels – so the quality of a user and links to your website matter.

For Aso, the most important factor includes ratings and reviews.
• Ratings and Review
This is something you can’t control, user rate and review your app if they have a good or bad experience themselves.
• Backlinks
For Google play, backlinks are important as well, so how people come to your page.
• Download statistics
To rank well it is important to know how many downloads you have.

4. What are you trying to achieve 3:25
The goals of these two are different as well. The goal of SEO is:
• Visitors who do a conversion (do something you want them to do, reach a goal on the site)
The goal of ASO is:
• Users of your app or Players (people who download your app, play it, use it and come back)

That was it for today, we hope you understand the difference between Aso & Seo a bit better now. If you are already a Pro at App store optimization and would just like to hear more in-depth tips, we have a another playlist with Thomas ???? App store optimization in 2019

He is focusing on app marketing and tricks you can use, when you already know something about app store optimization.

More vidoes with Maja & Elisa are coming up as well. You can see them once a month – on Thursday. But if you guys want too see more, let us know ????

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