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Hi guys! Welcome (back) to my channel, this is such an exciting video for me! I love (vegan) food, cooking and baking so this video is right up my alley. Editing and filming this took me soooo long, but its worth it! So dont forget to leave a like for all my hard work and subscribe for more video’s! I am really glad with how everything turned out, i hope you think so too Like i promised all of the ingredients and steps will be in the description, if you’re searching for any amazing vegan food inspiration you can definitely find it here! (unfortunately not all the recipe’s fit in the description so you can find the rest in my comment underneath here!)

⁃ Tofu
⁃ Soy sauce
⁃ Curry powder
⁃ Paprika powder
⁃ Salt. You can also use black salt, which is used to duplicate the taste of eggs
⁃ 1 tomato
⁃ 2 buns, or 2 slices of bread
⁃ Vegan mayonaise

Heat up some oil and crumble up the tofu, just bake this untill its nice and warm and getting a little bit brown. I dont really measure these ingredients, i just eyeball it. You can also add whatever (spices) you want! So add in all of the spices and soy sauce with the tofu, and take off the heat. Slice the tomato, add some vegan mayo to your bread and top it off with your tofu scramble!

⁃ 2 slices of toasted bread
⁃ Cucumber
⁃ Tomato
⁃ Red onion
⁃ Vegan cheese
⁃ Vegan mayonaise
⁃ Lettuce
⁃ Paprika powder
⁃ Mustard dille sauce/dressing (????)

Build your sandwich! Toast your bead, smear on the vegan mayonaise and start buildng your club sandwich. You can add whatever extra veggies you’d like or maybe even add vegan ham or bacon.

Vegan instagram inspiration I mentioned: https://instagram.com/wateetjedanwel?igshid=1w6o1k4m6rl3o

⁃ One can of chickpea’s
⁃ Vegan mayonaise
⁃ Red onion
⁃ Capers
⁃ Salt
⁃ Vegan cheese
⁃ Tortilla wraps
⁃ Lettuce
⁃ Cucumber

Mix the chickpea’s in a blender or mush them with a fork. After the chickpea’s are crumbled you can add in the mayo and mix untill you have the right texture. Add in the onion, capers, salt and whatever else you want to add. For example you can use pickles, mustard, different kinds of spices, whatever you like! Then transfer the mixture to a wrap and add some lettuce and cucumber, there you have a healthy lunch wrap! To make the chickpea melt, also transfer the mixture to a wrap and add some vegan cheese, grill it for a few minutes untill the cheese has melted and its ready to enjoy!

⁃ 2 bananas sliced in (thin) slices, freeze these a few hours before starting
⁃ Peanutbutter, i use a chunky one
⁃ Dark chocolate
⁃ Vegan chocolate sprinkles

Get your frozen bananas from the freezer and build little “banana burgers”. You want to take 2 slices and add peanutbutter between them. After you did that i recommend putting them back into the fridge or freezer to firm up again. Once you get the bananas out of the freezer they start to become sticky and warm up pretty quickly so try to keep them as cold as possible. After you melted your chocolate, au bain marie or through the microwave, you can take your banana burgers from the fridge and dip them halfway into the chocolate. Add some chocolate sprinkles for extra fun and snack away!

You can find the other recipe’s in my pinned comment!

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Thanks so much for reading & watching, I really appreciate it! Have a nice day ️

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