5 Best Website Builders for SEO

Ease of Use

A complaint sometimes levelled against website builders is that they’re great for making websites, but not for SEO. There used to be some truth to this, but not anymore. Wix has improved its SEO game over the last few years, to the point where it’s actually a market leader.

SEO is a long-term game, and you need platforms that can help you keep on top of it. Wix is one of the best SEO website builders for those still learning the ropes. Its SEO Wiz walks users through the essentials step-by-step, suggests improvements, and even sets goals for you.

No coding is required with Wix. From meta titles to 301 redirects, SEO is built right into the Wix dashboard. Every page has dedicated SEO settings, and every image you upload has an input for alt text – which is how search engines understand images.


Another big plus is the strength of its Google integration. Web analytics tools are essential for understanding your site’s traffic, and Google is the gold standard. Connecting Google Analytics and Google Search Console to Wix sites is simply a case of entering your tracking ID.

SEO is actually much more straightforward than it seems sometimes. Wix makes your site’s SEO upkeep easy, and it will let you know when you’re falling short.

Wix has implemented a bunch of SEO features in the last few years, and the Help Center is as comprehensive as you’re likely to find anywhere. Even if you don’t use Wix, its SEO guide is well worth a browse.

The trade-off with Wix’s ease of use and in-house functionality is it falters when it comes to more advanced SEO methods. Structured data (which gives search engines additional, highly relevant information about your site) is becoming increasingly important to SEO. To add any to Wix, at present, you have to do so manually – with code.

This is a minor gripe, but one worth being clear about. The learned SEO students among you may find Wix stifling after a while. That’s the game with website builders, though: the price of convenience is control.

For the most part though, Wix understands its users aren’t techies. It balances usability with control superbly. Not only does its builder make SEO simple, it teaches the basics whenever you’re unsure what something means. If you want a comprehensive, supportive SEO experience, Wix is a prime option.

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