5 Best Website Builders for SEO

#1 Wix

Easy to use editor, excellent price, awesome features.

$0.00 – $24.50

Free plan available

#2 Weblium


Free plan available

#3 Weebly

$free – $25.00

Free plan available

#4 Strikingly

$8.00 – $49.00

Free plan available

#5 uKit

$5.00 – $15.00

Free 14-day trial period

#6 GoDaddy

$5.99 – $19.99

Free 1-month trial

#7 Shopify

$29.00 – $299.00

Free trial available

Comparison Reviews by Industry Experts

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The success of any web project is usually measured by lots of different factors and parameters. In case you are running a simple blog, its popularity and effectiveness can be counted by the number of followers and post shares. If you are a happy owner of a small or powerful e-commerce solution, you can analyze your niche by measuring the number of customers and the volumes of sales. For a pure portfolio site, the success is powered by the brand awareness of real and prospective customers. 

However, is there any coefficient or indicator that will be a universal tool for describing your web headway? Are there any single solutions that will be helpful for analyzing various types of sites? Yes, there is one! These are SEO scores. This means the result of your efforts for building, promoting and bringing new visitors to your web resource can be measured by scores shown by the most popular search engines.

These parameters show how reliable, secure, and popular your service is, as well as the general performance of your pages. If you care about the marketplace and the position of your project compared to the competitor’s sites, you will need to study your SEO parameters. 

But how all this stuff correlates with the web building process? The matter is that some users choose common web creators, while the others care about the future of their projects, picking up an SEO friendly website builder. 

So, what is the difference between these builders? A common website constructor will assist you with managing pages and placing the elements according to your taste. You will only craft a project, get a domain name and hosting, and go live with these services. Unlike standard builders, the best websites for SEO offer a full-circle service for its customers. This means not only you publish a custom project, but you also make it friendly to different search engines. This means your project is likely to attract more clients and will be more competitive compared to its analogs. 

For example, let’s compare two websites with similar functionality. The first one was crafted with a regular constructor with no focus on SEO, while another one is made by the best website platform for SEO. Your first site will not be successfully ranked and is not likely to bring you any organic traffic with real visitors. The other one will be visible for certain keywords and will be visited by real users with no need to use extra promotional services. 

That is why, most skilled users, who are focused on using their web project on a long-term basis, usually choose the best website builder for Google ranking. 

Website Builder with Best SEO: Get Ready to Pick Up the Easiest Option


This SEO builder is a superior solution for users, who have some basic SEO and coding skills and knowledge. It greatly differs from other similar builders with a whopping assortment of tools for search engine rankings control. Unfortunately, if you are not familiar with the SEO world at all, the system might appear to be difficult for you. 

Unlike most constructing software, Squarespace is not keen on Google only. There is nothing new that Bing and Yahoo engines are gaining popularity and are becoming more widely used by people globally. That is why the system’s developers also pay attention to these engines. 

The platform supports automatic sitemaps, so you shouldn’t care about updating it each time you add or remove new pages of your favorite project. This will surely save you lots of time.

However, when it comes to advanced SEO utilities at Squarespace, you are required to have at least minimum programming knowledge. Therefore, the program is more friendly to professionals than to coding dummies.

What’s awesome about using the system is that it is compatible with Google Analytics. This is an enormous plus that allows you to receive lots of exceptional stats data upon request. Being one of the greatest online stats utilities for businesses, this software is the most demanding option for any website builder. 

#8 Squarespace

$12.00 – $40.00

Free plan available

SEO benefits: 

  • Profound website management if you know how to code 
  • Superior integration with social networks for crafting engaging and viral content

SEO drawbacks:

  • The necessity to integrate third-party SEO utilities to the platform
  • Surely not the best SEO website builder for newbie users


  • Start from $12 monthly. 


Although Wix was notorious for its low rankings, the developers worked hard to eliminate these weaknesses. And, fortunately, they succeeded. Currently, the website builder is booming the industry with its powerful SEO utilities that perfectly work for any niche. 

Earlier, the builder didn’t pay too much attention to SEO scores since gaining a good marketplace was easy enough. However, times have drastically changed. To become a leader and an influencer in your area, you will need to have awesome rankings at most search engines. This is now exactly what does the system. What tools can it offer for your site’s promotion?

Metadata is one of the most essential tools offered by the program. You can add and edit metadata to each of your posts and pages, making them more relevant when your prospective visitor is surfing the web. The description is surely available for all the pages of your project. 

You can also make your website well-structured with the help of heading and subheadings. These ones were designed for making your content visual, eye-catching, and easily navigational. Moreover, using headings of different levels (h1, h2, h3, etc.) will be good for your SEO. You can also hide certain pages in case you don’t want them to be visible to the crawlers of search engines. This function is necessary when you are working on a certain page and would like to get it invisible until it is completely ready.

The sites, crafted by Wix, are all good for mobile users. The projects are flexible and will have a top-notch design regardless of the gadget you are using. 

#9 Wix

Easy to use editor, excellent price, awesome features.

$0.00 – $24.50

Free plan available

SEO benefits: 

  • Automatic integration with Google: all the features are already accessible at your dashboard
  • A magic wand for SEO for beginners – no programming needed here
  • Excellent tools as compared to early version of the program

SEO drawbacks:

  • Professional tools can’t be optimized automatically and still need coding


  • Starts from $14 monthly. 


The service is among the most effective solutions when you need to sell online physical or digital products but it is weak enough for promoting simple portfolio sites or blogs. However, Shopify is still great for basic promotion of the website of any category and level of difficulty. To put it short, you will not need to spend hours for SEO – the service is ready to assist you in any issue regarding this area.

Shopify has dozens of plugins for search engine optimization. These are quality third-party services that are designed to boost your rankings. Furthermore, there is strong support and a large community that will help you to cope with managing SEO settings easier. 

However, the builder can’t boast of having fast loading speed of web pages you create, Although there might be a little amount of content, your page will still require more time to open than compared to other builders. Not only it is not a pleasant thing for your website visitors but it also weakens your SEO positions. The matter is that fast sites get higher scores when it times to ranking. 

#10 Wix

Easy to use editor, excellent price, awesome features.

$0.00 – $24.50

Free plan available

SEO benefits: 

  • Hundreds of top-notch optimization plugins
  • Great SEO for e-commerce sites
  • Outstanding support 

SEO drawbacks:

  • To get an HTML sitemap, you will need to spend extra money
  • Slow page speed, according to numerous speed tests in different countries
  • Using plugins might be pricey 


  • Starts from $8 monthly. 


You can hardly find a person, who owns a website and have never heard about WordPress. The builder is one of the pioneers in SEO and is ready to provide you with thousands of innovative apps for successful search engine optimization. 

You can install and use as many apps as you want. Moreover, each plugin you are going to install contains handy reviews of real users. Either you will use a free or paid plugin, you still have an opportunity to know its biggest pros and cons. 

The builder has clean tools and a flexible structure, so you are not likely to face any problems when embedding any plugin to your website. This makes WordPress the easiest software for the integration of powerful SEO utilities.

In case you are don’t want to read the reviews or look for a perfect SEO tool, you can start using Yoast SEO, the most famous plugin for WordPress sites. Yoast allows adding metatags, descriptions, and keywords to your web pages in an understandable and clear way. Moreover, it has great design of automatic prompts for an SEO boost. In case your content is well-optimized, you will see the green on your traffic light. In case it requires some updates, the yellow light will be shown. In case your content is not optimized for good rankings, get ready to see red light. By the way, the plugin shows handy prompts on how to fix your SEO mistakes with no efforts. 

#11 WordPress

$free – $42.00

Free plan available

SEO benefits: 

  • Best builder for highest SEO
  • Fast loading speed both on mobile and desktop
  • Backend is easily accessible and editable

SEO drawbacks:

  • The most powerful plugin is free but using its advanced functions require extra costs
  • Needs technical skills for successful setup 
  • Not good for complete beginners


  • Starts from $20 monthly. 


The service is also one of the greatest utilities for top SEO rankings. The builder has the highest number of tools for search engine optimization, such as metatags, 301 redirects, headers, and keywords. 

The platform has one exceptional feature that is not present at most builders – it automatically resizes your images to receive the highest loading speed. Each of your pages is easily SEO customizable, so you can provide an organic optimization of the whole website. 

The website builder grabs the attention of thousands of users with its extended analytical options. You will be able to know everything about your project’s performance and make it more productive in a matter of minutes. The service has a separate application developed exactly for the SEO boost of Weebly’s projects. 

The builder has a separate guide that is developed for beginners in search engine optimization.  , with fast and professional support, you wil be able to come up through any difficulty within the shortest terms. 

#12 Weebly

$free – $25.00

Free plan available

SEO benefits: 

  • Lots of SEO functions are updated automatically
  • Cool analytical utilities for maximum website control
  • Custom URLs for more convenient browsing and user-friendly interface of the crafted website

SEO drawbacks:

  • Paid search indexing feature
  • Alt tags on some images can’t be edited
  • Not very intuitive optimization tools 
  • Only basic SEO. More advanced solutions require some programming knowledge 


  • Starts from $12 monthly. 

SEO Prompts for Dummies

Your SEO way might be incredibly challenging if you choose a web constructor without corresponding features. However, picking up an SEO website builder still doesn’t guarantee that you will get a highly-ranked project. The thing is that most constructors have different tools for these purposes and sometimes their number and quality is not enough to better your search engine scores. That is why it is highly recommended to put your SEO under precise management and control. 

Dive into the world of keywords. The keyword is a small key to the house of SEO opportunities. Picking up improper keywords can spoil all your online rankings. However, the number of precise keywords will help you to unlock the doors of success that remain closed to your competitors. Most experts believe that picking up the right keys can be achieved with the help of special tools. Try to use a few options for these purposes and choose the testiest keywords for your pages. 

Let your website make friends with mobile gadgets. Forget about projects that fail to be responsive. There is nothing new that most users surf online using their portable devices. Therefore, you should ensure your website is having a superior look at mobiles and tablets. This is just from the users’ viewpoints. As for the search engines, you’ll be surprised to know that most of them prefer responsive sites rather than unflexible desktop solutions. 

Be social. The power of social media is surely great. That is why the best SEO optimized websites are usually connected to various popular social networks. It helps them to become more close to their audience, analyze customers’ tastes and preferences, as well as have better scores for Google rankings. 

Don’t neglect minor features. Titles and meta descriptions are the utilities that are often missed by SEO beginners. However, this policy is really dangerous for your scores on search engines. Always edit these little features to have a big positive SEO effect. Thus, your meta description should contain 130-160 symbols for both mobile and desktop devices. 

Avoid any mess. Your laptop or office table might have an incredible mess but it is important to avoid having any chaos at your website. The reality is that having orphan pages that are not linked to any other web pages of your project, as well as missing categorization is very bad for your SEO. Make sure everything is right on its place, as well as your site has a comprehensive and simple structure. 

Discover analytical tools. When picking up the best website builder SEO, pay attention whether it has any analytical utilities. In case it has, you can easily benefit from the information provided by the service. You will be able to focus on weak points of your project as well as keep in touch with your site working properly. 

The Best Website Builder for SEO 2020: Conclusion

Choosing your SEO strategy and the tools for promotion in your website builder depends on the type of project you are building. Generally, each kind of site requires different SEO tools for maximizing its online performance. That is why, we’ve created a short chart of builders for each type of website. 

  • Blog: WordPress
  • E-commerce sire: Shopify
  • Influencer: Squarespace
  • Portfolio site: Weebly 
  • Local Business: Wix


Is there any website builder with SEO? 

There are lots of different builders with search engine optimization utilities. Some of them have miraculously powerful tools, while others have services that remain below average. The number of services also varies. Therefore, you will need to understand your SEO demands first and then choose the right system for your needs. 

What builder is considered to be the easiest for SEO newbies? 

Unfortunately, there is not an exact leader among the website builders when compared their SEO tools. According to the customers’ reviews, the easiest ones are Weebly, Squarespace, and WordPress. You can learn more about each service before purchasing the subscription plan to make sure its SEO utilities are right what you are looking for. 

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