10 Tricks to Rank Higher in Google My Business Listing

Local SEO is incomplete without claiming and verifying the Google My Business listing. If you have a complete package of Google My Business then your chances of showing up increases and also uplifts the organic ranking. If you want to rank high in Google My Business, then there are few precautions that you need to take care to get the best results. We all know that Google My Business is really beneficial for local SEO and the best part is that the service comes free of cost.

The ranking is nothing but how higher you appear when someone searches for your business niche or keywords. Therefore, in this blog, I will be talking about few tricks that will help you rank higher in the My Google Business listing. All you need to do is follow few things and you will be good to go.

1. Add post

You are adding all the relevant information to Google My Business Page. But there is one more thing that you must think of adding. A post that can be added to your Google My Business Review. So you can go to the posts section of the Google My Business app and write a post of around 1500 words. You can also provide the link to any page along with a picture and publish it. So once it is published, you can view them on your Google My Business listings.

2. Add labels

Labels help in organizing the location into the groups. The locations can be searched by labels directly from the dashboard. Also, one can use labels to filter location extensions in AdWords. You can assign up to 10 unique labels in each location. The labels can be kept around 50 characters and it should not have the inclusion of any special character.

3. Write detailed description

In order to rank higher, you must write an in-depth description. It is not that you have to write 2000 to 3000 words long essay. But mention the description of your company in such a way that it should include all the relevant points. Local results are more driven towards how much relevant information you are providing with every search.

And those who have the accurate set of information get the preference to rank higher. Make sure that you have mentioned each every necessary detail in Google My Business. This will enable the audience to know more about the business like who you are, where you are, what is your product to name a few.

4. Use the create website feature

The website builder tool of Google My Business Page enables you to create a website there directly. All you need to do is to sign in to your Google My Business account and you can find the option of the website on your dashboard.

Google will automatically create the website and then it will ask you to choose a theme. Once done with all the formalities, you can publish the website. It is always recommended that you should never use that website. The website built on Google My Business Page is only there for the audience if they are looking for any extra information. But it is advisable to create a website there.

5. Work on the backlinks of the website

Backlinks are important when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They are considered as the building blocks for a good SEO. And when it comes to the local SEO having backlinks does matter. It should not be the case that you are stuffing the website with numerous backlinks, albeit, the backlinks should be focused on the quality and not quantity.

When Google considers ranking the website, it in the first place takes into consideration the relevance of the website to the keywords and the number of quality backlinks. So if your website is having those, it will definitely rank higher.

6. Keywords in the business name

Keywords play an important role in search results, be it local or regular. Having the keywords in the name of the business can improve the rankings. You cannot simply write the content just for the sake of writing. So for that, you must have a proper keyword research with the help of the tools like Google Keyword Tool Planner. Once you know the keywords, incorporate in the name of your business and in the rest of the content that you are putting.

7. Add multiple categories

It is very important to add categories to your business. Ths helps the audience to know what kind of business you are having. Categories basically describe your business and connect with the customers. For instance, if you are into mutual funds, then you can put the categories like “mutual funds”, “finance”, “commerce” to name a few. A category is also one of the factors that definitely impact the local rankings.

8. Add quality pictures

Your Google My Business Page will look incomplete if you are not adding any pictures. Think from the point of view of the audience. If you are an Italian restaurant, then, of course, the audience would like to see the pictures of the ambiance, food etc. So provide the, with the pictures and make sure that the pictures are of high quality. Adding pictures will make your Google My Business Page look more relevant and impactful. Also, it helps in improving the local ranking.

9. Google reviews

It is vital to have reviews on your Google My Business Page. So for that encourage your customers to write the review and rate your company as it builds a sense of credibility in the eyes of the audience. If you are running digital marketing courses, then you can tell your students to write reviews and their experiences about the academy and the course.

Also, make sure that you are responding to the reviews in time. Especially in case of the restaurants, the reviews come in large numbers. Therefore, responding to those reviews is really crucial.

10. Add phone number and accurate working hours

You are adding all the content like the name of the business, description but do not forget to add a local phone number that will help you to connect with the local users. Also, it is very important to mention the exact working hours so that the audience will get an idea regarding your availability.

So now that you know what all inclusions are necessary to be made on your Google My Business Page, just incorporate all the tricks and reach the highest rank to get better and relevant leads. All the best!

Author: Mrunmayi

Hailing from the wine capital of India, Mrunmayi is passionate about writing. She has an inclination towards cricket but also catches up with technology and digital marketing. Staying caffeinated is her mantra to fill the empty pages!

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