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While there are other ways to attract visitors to your website, we have learned that optimizing a website for good search engine rankings offers a fantastic return on investment. Instead of paying for every click, as you do with paid advertising, you can enjoy a stream of interested visitors for free when your site ranks well on the major search engines, including Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Plenty of studies have demonstrated that few searchers ever look past the first few listing on the page, and almost none of them ever bother to click past the first page. If your company website is not near the top, you probably cannot expect much natural search engine traffic at all.

SEO Services Company Malaysia: We Succeed When You Succeed

You have to be very careful when you select an SEO company Malaysia these days. This is because the search engines have gotten a lot smarter, and they even employ human beings to check competitive search results manually. That means that the old tactics of throwing a lot of cheap links at a website or spamming keywords do not work any longer. These tactics will not help your website, and they will probably even hurt it.

How Are We Different Than Old-Fashioned SEO Companies?

We care about your business and your website because we thrive because visitors return to us again and again. We have experience in many business niches, and we know how to research the most effective sites to see what works in different industries. For example, the tactics we need to use for a local business website are different than the tactics that we will suggest for an international corporation. We won’t provide a one-size-fits-all solution, but we will provide you a customized program that will increase your rank at a very reasonable price. Instead of relying on the most rapid rise, we also focus on tactics that increase your rate at a steady and safe rate that will keep your website safe from the possibility of penalties.

How Do We Achieve Great Search Engine Ranks?

There are three things that impact your rankings:

  1. * Your website content
  2. * The way your website is organized
  3. * Links and citations for your website

By focusing on improve your SEO scores in each of these three categories, we are able to move your site up. We may suggest content to take advantage of good terms that can earn you more business. We may suggest organizational changes to your website that will make it easier for search engine bots and human beings to find all of the pages of your site. Finally, we will search for quality sources of links and citations that will get your site site noticed by people and search engines in a positive way.

How Will Effective SEO Improve My Business?

Alright, alright, we know what SEO is, but how will it help your business? How will being at the top of Google lead to more customers or clients?

Let me answer that question with another: what if you had an automated salesperson that sent qualified leads to your business 24/7?

That’s what SEO can do for your business.

Remember how people used to flip open their Yellow Pages phonebook whenever they needed to find a business or service provider?

Well, Google is the new Yellow Pages, only it’s more interactive and user-friendly. Plus, it’s evolving to keep up with the needs of today’s customers. Your customers.

Just in case you’re not convinced, here are some hard stats that demonstrate why SEO is important:

Whether you’re using Google AdWords (discussed below) or doing conventional SEO, the important part is that you’re at the top of Google. If you can’t be found in Google, you might as well not have a business!

What’s really interesting is how much traffic goes to the first three spots in Google. Look at the heatmap below to see why the top 3 spots are the most important:

In the image, the dark red indicates areas with an extremely high number of clicks, while the thick red line across the middle of the heatmap indicates the cutoff for “above the fold”.

Above the fold refers to the part of a page that people can see without scrolling down.

As you can see, only the first 3 to 5 results in the above image are visible without scrolling down. That’s why ranking in the top 3 results is so much better than ranking in spots 4 through 10, even though they’re all still on the first page. Statistically, the first result gets a whopping 20% of the traffic.

Is SEO Just Another Fad?

You probably wouldn’t be here reading this book if you thought SEO was just another fad. But, just in case it needs to be clarified… No, it’s not.

SEO is the definitive inbound marketing method of the future. It allows you to create a steady stream of targeted traffic to your web site, which is literally invaluable.

If you already have a high-converting website, SEO will open up the floodgates and catapult your business to the next level. On the other hand, if your website is lackluster, but you have a steady offline business, then a successful SEO campaign will allow you to test and tweak your online sales funnel to perfection.

In either case, SEO allows you to successfully tap into the online portion of your niche’s market share in a cost-effective manner. Put simply, SEO has the potential for the greatest ROI of any other form of advertising.

Having said that, a poorly executed SEO campaign is like throwing money down the drain. Typically, a bad SEO campaign involves one of two problems:

1. You used questionable or outdated tactics to promote your website.

2. You’re optimizing for the wrong keywords; you’re either targeting the wrong customers, or your keywords don’t get enough search volume to be worth optimizing for.

Fortunately, by the end of this book you’ll know how to plan and carry out a highly effective SEO campaign, and how to avoid the most common pitfalls for beginning search marketers.

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